Fundraising Committee Meeting

Fundraising Committee.pdf (140.1 KB)

I uploaded notes from the fundraising meeting. I maybe missed some things, as I wasn’t taking notes 100% of the time. LMK if you have changes or additions.

Action items before the next meeting:
@rustin.atkeisson - talk to Spirit
@kthutch - Write Letter
@ladeana - Find Grants
@james.a.seymour - start collecting wish lists from leads
@marmaxladez - start list of information we need from members

@pwhutchi @jeff @jameslancaster @marmaxladez

Next meeting: May 15, 2019, 6 pm.


Thanks for doing this Kate!

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If I’ve forgotten someone, or anyone is interested in joining the fundraising committee, let me know!

I edited a couple items in the original post. @james.a.seymour is getting the list together that you had assigned to me and the meeting is on the 15th at 6pm . I will also add that to the public calendar.


Make.docx (12.3 KB)

Materials for next meeting. fundraising calendar.docx (35.3 KB)
make fundraising grants.xlsx (10.7 KB)
Fundraising Committee agenda.docx (42.5 KB)

I’ve included a spreadsheet with information about grants, a calendar of when grants are due, and an agenda.

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