Woodshop fundraiser

The woodshop is officially launching our 2022 fundraiser!

The best way to donate is Cash or Check in the Drop Box located in the woodshop next to the doors by the Sawstop, or the main dropbox with a slip clearly indicating “Woodshop”.
But we are also accepting donations via Paypal at Donate

We’re hoping to garner enough support, both financially as well as in in-kind donations, to make some serious upgrades to the woodshop.

Our main goals include:
New Dust Collector
Air cleaners
New tools/accessories/bits and blades
Replacing worn tools
Replacing tool components and accessories
A Curtain for the ShopBot
Great ideas from members!

Stretch Goals may include:
More/Better Lighting
Another Miter Saw
Storage in the hallway
Dust collector attached hoe with floorsweep/varios attachments
Beefier shopbot step-motors
A structural enclosure for the ShopBot (rather than a curtain)

I’ll be putting together and posting a wish list (here and physically in the shops) soon, and would love to hear what you think should be on it!

Other avenues will be used to engage members and the public in this drive soon as well.

We can only do this together!!!


Here’s the initial poster design!



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We getting a bench dog #5?


Maybe we could consider an auction type fundraiser with donated maker arts/projects?
Id donate a dozen of these, as long as i can put a minimum on each, or a set.


@james.a.seymour, we have a Stanlry Bailey No. 5, but as a far reaching stretch goal I’d look at another No. 5

@jwithers I would consider an auction outside this thread, let’s talk

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What’s the dollar goal to accomplish the wish list?


Make sure you know the fire code requirements before building anything in the hallway. I am not sure what they are … but I recall they nixed some of what I thought would be cool for the hallway.


@xrunner $6,000 for the main goals, $10,000 to reach the stretch goals

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. The best way to donate is Cash or Check in the Drop Box located in the woodshop next to the doors by the Sawstop (will be up within the hour), or the main dropbox with a slip clearly indicating “Woodshop” and your name if you would like a donation receipt


I wouldn’t mind seeing a woodshop plywood dolly for moving full sheets and similar for other materials.


Indeed. A large cart or two, a ply dolly, ply storage other work smart features. Absolutely! I’ll start a more detailed list soon

As mentioned when I saw you, I grabbed a small Plywood “helper dolly” off Amazon for the shop to bridge the gap… should be here Tuesday. It’s inexpensive but didn’t have horrible reviews.
Amazon deliveries are taking too long lately to satisfy my need for instant gratification.


I definitely believe we can make these ourselves. Do you know the square footage of the shops? Would help me know what size fan is necessary. I’d be glad to take on this for a project and a way to contribute.

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Yeah, they’ll be built. There’s no way I’d buy commercial versions, rip off city. Let’s get together on design details sometime soon.

Did that plywood dolly ever show up?

Sounds good. I’m sure I’ll be in there again sometime this week.

If I could get HEPA filters for these there would be two of them hanging up in the ceramics studio as we speak… do you think that price is too much, or are the filters not good enough for worship dust?

I’ve toyed with the idea of building one from scratch that fits a standard sized filter set. It’s be fun to brainstorm.

WEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System (300/350/400 CFM), Basic w/ RF Remote (400 CFM) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00LPD9BDI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1QYB77JJ5X1YS8YX011H?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

The most dangerous dust is that which is less than 1 micron. 1 micron filters are still pretty good, certainly much better than your standard filter. AND they increase in filtering efficiency (decrease in airflow) as they “season” and captured dust begins working as additional filter medium. The price here is good, probably not much more than materials (filters and the boxes, as the cage type fans would hopefully be donated (damn good chance)), but probably far less capable. Would you like to work on this project with us and we can make six cleaners total?

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