Quarterly Meeting September 16

I just sent this email out to everybody and posted the general meeting on the calendar:

Dear members,

Please plan to join us for our quarterly membership meeting on Sunday September 16 at 5pm at the makerspace. We have two exciting things planned for this meeting:

First, Jens Torell has a proposal from the New Building committee about a possible new home for MakeICT. To get started we have a discussion going on the forum here:

This is obviously a huge deal for us so whether we move will be up to a vote of the membership. Voting will be electronic, similar to the election, so following the meeting you will need to check your email and vote within 48 hours if you are a voting member as specified by our bylaws. You do not have to attend the meeting to vote but we’d love to see everyone there.

Second, we will be talking about and working on our latest collaborative project: a Magic Wheelchair! This is going to be an amazing gift for an 11 year old kid dreaming of an amazing “costume” that incorporates his wheelchair. Read more on the forum here:

While I’m emailing, I’d like to announce that we have opened up the committee signup form for 2018. We choose committee leads every September and it’s a great way to get involved with the space. Even if you don’t want to lead a committee, now is a time to jump in and get involved:

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Hi everyone - There is not a lease agreement ready for us to review yet, so we will not be sending out a new building proposal for the membership to vote on at this regular meeting.

We will be talking about the magic wheelchair, so keep the date on your calendar!

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I just realized today, I have to pick up my items from the State Fair on Sunday. I might make it by but will have to be on the road to Hutchinson by 6.