Logan's EPIC Magic Wheelchair Halloween!

Sorry for the long post, but I want to take a moment to let our members know that we have agreed to do a group build to provide a really awesome experience for a really great kid. Before I tell you about the build project, I’d like to share the little bio I was sent by Ryan, President of Magic Wheelchair. Magic Wheelchair is a national nonprofit organization that does just this type of thing – they make magical experiences for deserving handicapped children. Mythbuster Adam Savage is on their Board of Directors, and I was priveleged enough to be able to speak with him about it at the recent NOMCON conference in Santa Fe in June. There are tons of photos of other builds that have been done at MagicWheelchair.org, and you can also search YouTube for Magic Wheelchair to see even more.

So here’s Logan’s bio:

Child’s Name: Logan Stewart

Date Registered: 10/11/2016 02:40AM

Child’s Age: 11

Tell Us About Your Child: Logan suffered from non-accidental head trauma at the age of two. It has left him unable to walk, talk, speak, or eat by mouth. I believe that he understands more than he is able to communicate. He has only a manual wheelchair and must be pushed wherever he goes. Logan is the sweetest, happiest child alive. He is never angry, never cries (unless he is hurt), and never gets upset.

What Costume Is Your Child Dreaming Of? We were thinking a policemen/highway patrolman. His car could have headlights & tailights, a strobe, siren, etc. My thought was also that his para could wear some sort of prison uniform and be his backseat passenger (as she will have to push him at school anyway). Then for Halloween night I could take her place.

What Event Is Your Child Planning To Use Their Costume For? (Halloween, Parade, Race, Dance, Etc): Halloween for now. Could wear in parades in the future.

The goal of Magic Wheelchair, in my own words, is to take the wheelchair that a child lives with every day of his or her life, and do our own “Pimp My Ride” Halloween/Parade costume/cosplay build on it. If the child absolutely loves Star Wars, then he might have his wheelchair become an X-Wing or a Tie Fighter. If a handicapped little girl loves Cinderella, then she might get an Enchanted Pumpkin coach to drive. The child suddenly goes from being the handicapped child that is avoided by the other kids at the park to becoming the center of attention, with the coolest wheelchair anyone can imagine, and a costume to go along with it. And a big boost in his self-esteem when he becomes the most envied kid in town.

I spoke to Logan’s grandmother yesterday, and will be visiting with the family in Oklahoma (about 90 minutes from here) on Tuesday. Logan wants to become either a Highway Patrolman or a Fireman. He can communicate enough to let us know which one he’s decided on, so I’ll have that information this week.

I’ll be coordinating MakeICT’s build team, and we’re going to make his Halloween an EPIC event for him! I spoke to our Area Leads at their most recent meeting, and they’re all on board to get all of the areas involved. (Did you know we have awesome Area Leads and Assistants?) Several folks have already volunteered to help, including Jerry Carpenter, who has had some experience building with foam for boat races at the Wichita River Festival in the past. I know we have others with other skills, too, so come join the team builds! We’ll be scheduling build sessions every Sunday, and possibly on other days, and those will be posted on the calendar very soon. Even if you’ve never held a screwdriver, you’re welcome to come help us make Logan’s life a little more fun…he deserves it! And we won’t even charge you to help out!

So this is my official call for volunteers. We will need lights. And sirens. And a uniform or costume. And sculpting and painting and wiring and dozens of other things. I need as many folks as we can get, and our build team will be having an EPIC reveal party with Logan in October, with media and first responders and lots of attention for Logan and for MakeICT, so please join us!

We’ll also need to either do a bit of fundraising for materials or find an angel donor, or both, so if you know someone who has a few hundred bucks they need to part with, send a note to @David so we can start gathering our supplies. I hope we can get started this coming weekend, but I’ll be posting for sure on Tuesday night.

Thanks, MakeICT, for being awesome!


We could also use someone whose entire job would be to document this build on video and with photos. I’ll provide a couple of GoPro clones (okay, cheap knockoffs) if you need them. I’d love to see some time-lapse footage of parts of the build! If that’s your calling in life, or at least for this project, contact me @David and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

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I will be a worker bee!


I’m counting on it, my friend.

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I am totally in on this project for whatever we need!


I’m looking forward to building the costume apparel and help on that would be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure that it is easy to get on and off and very comfortable to wear.


@Malissa, let’s touch base before I visit with the family, so I can be sure to ask any questions you might need answered. I’ll write them down and everything!

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this is so cool. so it goes over his manual wheelchair that remains a manual wheelchair, or are we making something motorized?

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Everything is subject to change, but it will likely attach to his current manual wheelchair or another much like his daily wheelchair. If we have the time and resources, it would be possible to provide a powered ride, but I’ll have to see about his ability to control it safely. We’ll know a lot more after Tuesday evening.

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I’ll be in. I haven’t worked with foam much but I bet I could help sculpt it into a cool looking police car.

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I’ll bet you could, too. Between Jerry, you, and the other talent we have, I hope we can make a showpiece that Magic Wheelchair can use as an example!

“Non accidental” - Show piece for sure.

I noticed that. His grandmother wrote the bio, but anything further is speculation, I suppose. Needless to say, he needs great people in his life.

@David could you please keep me informed on this event. I would love to be a part of it.

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@jwithers Absolutely. It will be going on the MakeICT calendar, and I believe Malissa is working on putting it on Facebook right away, as well.


The event is up for 9 weeks 6-8 PM Sunday https://www.facebook.com/events/1935925960040101/

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Thanks, Malissa!

You’re welcome

I have a real Go Pro and a Sony DV cam that I’m willing to lend to document this. I also have a wide angle lens for the Sony. It does not have a hand strap on it though as it was mounted to my skydiving helmet and that was too much bulk. Someone could actually use it on the helmet if they wanted to “fly” the camera to record. As for the GoPro, I have a mount that slides onto a ball cap. That works okay too if the cap it tight to your head. Thingiverse has GP mounts that can be printed but have never tried any as I don’t really use the GP much at all.

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Thank you! Anyone want to fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming a cinematographer? Is the next Spielberg lurking among our makerspace members? Don’t blame me if you pass up this opportunity, then find in fifty years that your life is over and your dreams of fame and fortune and recognition as a cinematic genius to rival Welles and Hitchcock are unfulfilled.

Too much? Sorry.