Annual Committee Signup

Committee leads are chosen every September. We are planning to choose leads at our September 20th board meeting. You can use the same form to sign up to lead or participate in a committee. Either choice is a great way to help out. If you choose to participate, your information will be sent to the appointed committee lead, since committee leads choose who’s on their committee. The board can still change the structure, combine or dissolve committees based on who signs up and what we think is right for MakeICT.

To sign up for a committee visit:

For committee job descriptions visit:

If you have any questions, email


I was wondering if anyone could volunteer to make some signs and hang them up around the space to tell people to sign up by September 17? There’s a shortcut URL you can put on the sign…

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I will be at the space this evening for class and will make some signs.

Bumping this back up

Bump. Thursday is our Board Meeting.