Old Building questions, cause I just rented it

We will be opening a small coffee shop and artisan studio for local artist and makers to sell their wares on commission. I am also opening my wood shop sign shop back in the old wood/metals/ceramics, turning the class room into retail for the wood and sign shop.

I am trying to find a couple things mechanically about the building the owner do no know.

One in the main room where the fablab was located was the sagging in the ceiling ever diagnosed, and if so can you tell me what you found.

Two what internet and phone was on the building?

Three woodshop heater what kind was it and where can i get one?

Thank you for your time in advance


That’s an exciting new use for the building.
I can’t wait to see it.
The wood shop heater was a natural gas 100,000 BTU cabinet furnace. It was coupled to an A coil and a condensing unit mounted on the roof of the building. I’m not sure of the model number but i can dig the info up if you’re interested.
I’ll forward this on to other people that may know more.

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Yes please since the roof was already pieced for that it would be the easiest to reinstall.

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We might still have that woodshop heater and a/c unit at the new space. Most likely sitting in the boiler room.


Tell me more?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the wiring for the furnace and A/C we’re still there on Douglas. You’d have to rent a forklift to get the compressor back up on the roof above the old electronics lab, and I think all the painted lumber where the furnace sat was still there when we left. The copper pipe is probably long gone.

The plan was to throw the compressor on the roof at the new building at some point, but there’s a few things we’d need to take care of before that happens.

I dont know if the wires are there still alot have been pulled out, It took us a minute to figure out the 1500 e douglas and 108 new york have different meters. So once I get 108 back on I will be able to see in the room. The furniture place wired up some bad LED lights and ran a cord over to the class room. I have been clearing out storage units we have for the pizza shop and taking them over. So have not gotten into the electricity much. Also have to figure out why the toilet is getting no water but the sink is fine???

Are you generally there during the day, nights, or weekends? I can try to swing by and fill you in on what I know. It would be fun to see the place, at any rate.

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You are correct Rustin, we have the old heater and compressor from the Douglas Woodshop in the boiler room near the hot water tank.

I will be there on sunday from 12-3 or so, anyone is welcome to stop by.
Question did the wood shop have a drop ceiling I can not remember?

Yes it did have a drop ceiling.

Ok, I have another question I am hoping someone can remember, in the office that is beside the big classroom, I believe was the security office, What did it look like? I am using it for my office but I think the furniture shop tried to put up drywall and paint but it is honestly the scariest drywall job i have seen. For now I will live with it but wanted to know what walls were made of to prompt someone to do this. Also this receptacle does not work and is the only one in the room??

Not sure which room you are talking about, security didn’t have an office, just a shared closet across from the bathroom in the front area.

I think this is the locked admin room between FABLAB and textiles


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Not sure which room you are talking about, security didn’t have an office, just a shared closet across from the bathroom in the front area.

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Ok must be the admin room then

I don’t have many pictures of that room. Here’s one of the south wall.

Ok no not that room that is defiantly the one in the front with the old heater from 1910 lol

This one beside the classroom

Oh and this happened a couple of days ago. We got a new electrical pole

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Oh, yeah, that was just used as a storage closet for outreach activity supplies. Not sure if I can find any pictures of that one. It’s possible we never even plugged anything into that outlet. There was a pull string light in there but I don’t remember if it was permanently wired or plugged in.


The light works. The outlet does not. I am going to end up stripping the walls to the studs, Can’t meet a client with walls that roll seam to seam and have no tape under the mud.

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