What ever works best for the group. I can even set it up as a Google meeting for those who can’t be in the same room. When you know what date please email @Events incase I can’t get to it someone else on the team can

Evening meeting other than Tuesday or Friday could work for me any given week. At least twice per month Thursdays also are spoken for (First and second Thursday of each month).

Oh great and glorious garden group. I have unto thee a request on behalf of the makerspace, and the fingers of your fellow makers.

Would you be willing to keep alive some various indoor plants around the space? I know the metalshop / jewelry shop, as well as the ERP lab would appreciate aloe vera plants.


Wednesday at 6:30PM. Lock it in!

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Set up for January 20th if you need an online meeting or would like to add your email to get reminders, please let me know.

I would love an email reminder

Look forward to hear what y’all come up with. Wednesday nights are my night at the blacksmith shop in Haysville. Sorry, I will not be able to make that. Completely understand that you will never fine a day/time that will work for everyone.

can you PM me your e-mail address

Don’t forget about the meeting tonight! 6:30

BTW, here are the steps ahead of us to get this done (from President Jai):

  1. You must form a Special Committee for the Garden, instructions on how are here:

  2. A plan for the garden must be submitted for review by the MakeICT body and open to criticism and adjustment, this may be a public hearing or just a series of open and announced committee meetings with clear times and locations for the general membership to join. You can have meetings posted to the calendar here: MakeICT | Request a class

  3. The plan for the garden must be approved by the board, we will want to know things like: how much will it cost (monthly/annually), where is it going to go, what is the ongoing upkeep cost, is it allowed by our zoning, who will work on it, how will membership interact with it, what is it’s projected lifecycle, etc

  4. You may fundraise in our name for your project only after the project and committee overseeing it is approved by the board and/or membership body

If you have further questions or need clarification, please reach out to me. FYI there is a special meeting of the board on January 5th and a regularly scheduled meeting of the board on the third Thursday of every month.

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I’ve been interested in learning more about keyhole gardens.
Add me to your “ping” list, please!


There were only two attendees at the kickoff garden meeting. Should we do a zoom meeting or something similar so we can revive this effort?

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Aloe vera because people are burning themselves in those stations?!?
I took a couple of aloe plants to the MakeICT space on Douglas once upon a time… looks like they survived and even made the move to the new location. They’re in the game/recreation (?) room. I threw some water on them last night while I was at the space. One of them has lots of young 'uns around it, so we could have a “Transplant Tuesday” (no organs, only plants) and bring pots/containers and soil and pebbles and give them new homes.
Maybe afterward we could watch “Little Shop of Horrors” in your honor.



Classes on how to start succulents might be a good idea. My wife has tried… so many dead little leaves…


I second that! I could learn a lot about succulents or house plants in general.

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Ahh, I wondered who those belonged to. Good to know. They’ve needed a little tlc.

It takes a village! Aloes don’t need much affection, but someone(s) have helped keep them alive over the years.

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I saw this and thought of you guys. Pretty cool.


I stopped getting notifications on this thread. Still very interested once it’s not so hot outside


I tried to get a meeting together, but only one other person showed up. Which isn’t a criticism—I know people are busy. A zoom session might be the way to go. I’m still very interested. If people can agree on a time to talk things through, let’s do it.


I work nights at a Restaurant so I can’t make weekday meeting but I am off Sunday and Mondays to make the meetings. I can help with any upkeep during the mornings though. Especially during the summer months.

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