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The 3D printing group has been on hiatus for a few months, and I’d like to see if there’s interest in revitalizing it. There are always people around the space who want to learn more about doing maintenance on their own 3D printers or would like guidance on a project. Plus it might help out @xrunner if we can work on upkeep of the MakeICT machines.

If you’re interested, what days/times would work? Would you want to meet once a month? Every two weeks? Evenings or weekends?

@Christian @ssaner @chris_w @bradcozine @Pops @jpalschauhan @pacrawshaw @Moon_Goddess @Dfull728

I’m sure there are many more people who might be interested. It’ll only let me tag 10 at a time.


I’m available mostly daytime, but evenings as well.

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And if anyone knows middle schoolers or high schoolers who want to get more involved with making, this might be a good opportunity for them. It’s been awesome to see many younger people in the 3D printing classes.

Anymore I never feel like I know when I’ll have time, or feeling well enough to go to a group meeting, but if I’m available I will come and help. I’d love to see more kids learning about anything STEM.


I’m pretty open on time, however I’m waiting on a class to be “authorized” on the 3D printers. I don’t have much experience with them, but I want to learn.


I plan to put a class on the calendar for next month very soon. I’ve been doing them on Sunday evening recently, but is there a day or time that works better for you @Pops?

Not really. Sunday evening should be fine.



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I plan to put a class on the calendar for next month very soon. I’ve been doing them on Sunday evening recently, but is there a day or time that works better for you?

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There is quite the scrap yard of broken printers in the fab lab. I’ve done repair and maintenance with the prusas but no other brands.
Any idea if the laser cutters are still getting cleaned?


Thank you for working on the Prusas. I’m not sure about laser maintenance.

Hey, @xrunner - how would you feel about us having a FabLab workday to come up with a to-do list?

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Of the printers in disrepair, I hope to see the Ender 5+ come back to life. There are some jobs people have that don’t make practical sense to cut and don’t fit on the Prusa’s. I’m not sure what niches the other printers fill, apart from the Ultimaker dual filament.

I also can do Sundays.

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I’m up for a workday. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings would be best for me. @gemma Thanks for pushing me on this.

@pacrawshaw has worked on the Ultimaker but I’m not sure it’s working yet.


Next Wednesday evening work for you?

I’ll ask Paul on Saturday about the Ultimaker.

That works. 6:30? 7:00? How do we get it on the calendar?

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6:30 sounds good. I’ll put it on the calendar.


I could probably help with a workday next Wed.


That would be great, Steve!
Anyone interested in helping to maintain the equipment is welcome.

E1 of the Ultimaker² seems to clogged or there an issue the heater.

See Doc for more details:


Nice notes!

The wiki hasn’t been updated in a really long time, so if we do manage to figure it out we’ll need to add documentation.

@ssaner do you know when the hot ends/extruders were last replaced? And with what?

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I would be down to start up a new meet up. I can look at the Ender 5+ and see if I can get it running again. I’ve been needing to get back into the space again.


Awesome! Can you make it to the FabLab Workday tomorrow evening?

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