Working on a New class - wind chimes

So, i’ve been trying to figure out a beginners class to get into metalworking without having people build a paper weight…

Would there be much interest in building wind chimes (that relatively sound nice) from 1in emt conduit?

My plan is to crank out a couple practice ones this weekend to get the method down, but it would be a chance for people to practice using the chop saw, drill press, and other various hand tools.

The chimes will most likely be designed around Lee Hite’s engineering approach to wind chimes.

Not sure on class price yet, but I’m hoping to keep it under $25.


Looks like a pretty good opportunity to learn several tools in the metal shop.

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Also a great chance to showcase the proper way of handling round material with various tools. If you want a Guinee pig/cohort, would love to try it out myself.

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I need to get some experience as well. I’d build a chime.

I’d do that.

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I would sign up.

Idea’s like this will attract more than just newbies, if I had the time I would sign up as it sounds like fun…

Just chiming in to say I also think it’d be neat.

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I would be interested too.

I didn’t get too far tonight, but I may have to do some hunting for cheaper 1in conduit… That or consider smaller conduit and tuning to a higher key (shorter tubes).


That sounds like a really fun class

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Hi Russ, I built a set of wind chimes a couple of years ago which give me great pleasure. They were made of 4" 1/4" wall thickness al tubing from The Yard Store, just over 50 lbs. total. The longest tube as around 4’. During construction, they were suspended in my basement and I chimed the longest one and it hummed softly for over 9 minutes. Very enjoyable.


Okay, that sounds really cool! …and with aluminum, that length of sustain is pretty epic!

Do you have photos or video of it?

I was thinking it’d be pretty slick to make a giant one to hang out in the garden area (with their permission of course).


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I would enjoy a class like this!

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Wind chime video.
The high pitch chime is from a 3/4" conduit. Note there is no clapper in the chime, they just strike each other.

If you get the tube from The Yard Store they will cut each tube to length for a small fee. Saves a lot of time.



I love wind chimes. Count me in!

Sounds like fun.

I’m in.

I would be interested in this. Most definately!!! BTW, Awesome Idea!!! Personally I think people like making these types of things.