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The Forum, Calendar, and Wiki are arguably the most important and used links on the website, why are they hiding in dropdown boxes???

Also, when you’re on them why does the “MakeICT” take you back to their respective homes rather than

It seems to me that the graphic “MakeICT” link should direct to and that that each of these pages should have a link, i.e. “Forum Home” and “Wiki Home” that direct where you’d think they would.

“Join MakeICT” might also make a good candidate to not hide in a drop down box.



We’ve started a website redesign but like all things the person who is working on it is a volunteer. @heathernew09 would you like to give an update?

This is good feedback. Admittedly I have made no progress.

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Don’t worry your not alone :blush:

Would it be possible to have some small interim updates?

  • Some of the slideshow pictures are 5+ years old; surely we have newer pics of the new space, projects, classes, etc.
  • The space is still listed as 8,700 square feet on the home page.
  • There are two FAQs that have small differences
  • Still advertising the Indiegogo campaign
  • Board members are not current

And not to just be throwing out “all this should be done” out there, I am willing to help with stuff: copy, taking new pics. I’ve been out of the web dev world long enough that I wouldn’t feel super comfortable with doing much on the server side beyond basic text/pic updates. My last website got hacked from some combination of bad permissions and running a multi-year-old copy of wordpress :upside_down_face:.

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I have sign in capabilities but I’m not a word press expert. I’ve asked to be shown how to navigate it but things haven’t planned out

I’m happy to show people how to update the web pages. It’s a WordPress site so it’s pretty easy.


Cool, I’ve worked on Arts Partners site a few times but it’s set up very different on the back end than ours. Let’s find some time after October 15th to get me up to speed.

Drop me a DM on how to get started and I’ll see what I can break… um fix?

@shack, @Malissa, @james.a.seymour (and anyone else who wants to help) do you have time on the 16th between 1:00 and 7:00 to go over how to make changes to the website and make a plan for getting things up to date?


I should be available.

Yes, I should be able to meet then

I used to build websites exclusively with WordPress, admittedly its been several years but I wouldn’t mind helping.


Cool, let’s shoot for 2:00 on the 16th then?

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Hoping to see some of you tomorrow at 2:00.


Mind if I join? I’m supposed to be helping make signs (with QR codes that link back to the site) for the space and I’d love to learn how to work the website!

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Not at all. The more the merrier.

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I have draperies to install and students to measure for costumes for a play. I will try my best to be there.

Where is everyone meeting for this? What classroom or area?

Good question. We’ll probably use classroom 2. I’m currently in the Fab Lab.