Website Links

Tried to move them to the top, but that doesn’t work. Might be a theme issue, but top level links are not clickable.

Because they are separate websites. I don’t think that behavior is (easily) configurable in Discourse or MediaWiki even if we wanted to change it. We tried to force those links to open in new tabs, but that also didn’t work.

Other than the old pictures I think these are all addressed. Thanks again for the help!

I had tried to get a bit of crowd sourcing going on to get some people to curate a list of pictures . Website picture short of Rustin not much of a response.

Getting the list of photos that is the time consuming part.

Short of that the best Idea I have is to scrape all the pictures I can from discord server. I will do a quick sort through them to make sure there is nothing objectionable. I will upload them an admin folder and see if I/we find some that we want on the website.

After that there will need to be some work to resize and correct the aspect ratio so it renders correct from WP.

Can we use the badge pictures?

Sorry, I only see the forum login pictures. We don’t keep the badge pictures.

Either way that is the first thing I was doing to delete, but maybe you are onto something. Are we talking the post office most wanted posters? Random member of the day? Best/Worst hair?

All of the pictures I take are uploaded to Google My Business listing for MakeICT. You’re welcome to take any from there.