Updated Brochure Design

Here is the updated design for our tri-fold brochure. If you see anything that needs to be changed let me know. @Membership


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Looks excellent! Over the next few days I’ll be taking some pictures of the space to updated website. If you want to replace some of the pictures let me know.

I think Spirit is still willing to print off 1,000 of these and fold them if we send them the file.

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So you want us to use the comment tool in the document if we see typos, or share them here in the discussion?

Either way works for me. I can also add any new photos once I receive them from Malissa before we take up Spirit on the offer to print them for us.

If we could change “Letter Press” to “Letterpress” that would be a good thing.


I love it!

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Anna - I think it’s a great first draft! :grinning:

Personal Pet Peeve

Every document like this needs to have a date / revision date on it somewhere. small text, bottom of the last page or the like: “Revised January 2021

General Consistency

  • MakeICT.org in one place, makeict.org in another, etc. They should all be the same.
  • Makerspace in one place, makerspace in another. Should be the same.

How to Join / Sign up for an Authorization Class

  • Don’t know if it’s the Google previewer trying to render the PowerPoint file, but this section heading looks full justified while the rest are left justified.
  • In this section: change ‘class give’ to ‘class gives’, change ‘how the MakeICT’ to ‘how MakeICT’

How to Join / Sign up for New Member Orientation

  • The last sentence just stops.

How to Join / Apply for a key

  • Key should be capitalized in the title to be consistent with your other titles.
  • In this section: change ‘who have shown’ to ‘who have been shown’

Our Makerspace / Ceramics Studio

  • The area is just called ‘Ceramics’
  • I would list: Electric kilns, pottery wheels, slab roller, extruder, and hand tools
  • I’ll leave it to the other area leads to review their areas on this page.

Thanks for the feed back Patrick. I’ve updated all the items in your list. I’ll wait to see if any leads what to update their area since I didn’t edit much in the area from what was already included with the original.

Anna, Thank You for the hard and tedious work of pulling this apart and putting it back together. It is the attention to details like this that make these things work.


I took pictures today where would be the best place to put them on the drive or elsewhere for you to access them?

I would say just pop them on the drive under communications so I can access them.

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finally was able to upload the images.