Unloading/Moving second laser cutter


The laser cutter should be on the continental US somewhere at the Docks around La, CA. I am expecting it sometime later this week. I will need some help moving it around. If there are any volunteers that are willing to help.

Once I have a better ETA I will let you guys/gals know.



If you are willing and able to help during the day please post here or send me an email to tom.bloom makeict.org.


Have we measured the pathway it will have to follow? Do we need to clear the path as well… (thinking classroom tables and chairs, stuff cluttering up the hallway and metal shop?


There was an original attempt long ago, and I think it was all good. There was a change to the case of the laser. I will be going down to the space tomorrow to make another pass, so see what might need to be moved. The classroom is a given, and I need to check on the progress of the studio.

My focus is getting it delivered and inside the building. From there I am not as concerned.



where is it going to go?


Rent me a truck and I’ll go and get them…with all the things I can’t do right now, I can drive :slight_smile:


I am willing to help, and I may be available, depending on date/time/amount of notice, etc.

However, an email is not a timely way of letting me know when I am needed. So, will send privately a phone number so you can send a text.

Mike B


I might be able to help depending on time and day.


I think that I could help any evening this week. During the day… if it was for a short (30-60 min) period, with some notice, I might be able to make that work.



I can help Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Ann all next week 24/7. 316-655-3577


Last one we got I had to have Poormans fork lift to get it off of the truck into building . Then we used Curt’s pallet jack to move into its current location.


Depending on Day/Time I could come and move stuff out of the way (doubt I would be much use with actual moving…


Hey all you big strong guys who joined and I mentioned that there might be some moving of equipment… this is your time to shine!


Depending on arrival I’ve been known to coordinate at the least and facilitate the lifting of awkward heavy things in to cramped spaces.


I’m off work until Monday the 10th. I can probably help if it’s during that time frame.

Edit: make that Monday the 9th.


well, the time has come.

Anyone willing and capable to help with the move of the laser step forward.
The current plan is to rent a trailer. Load it on the trailer. From Curt’s shop to the metal shop. (easy part)

Move said trailer to metal shop door. Move/Roll/Pull crate off tailer. (harder part)

The big question is when.
Tomorrow seems to short notice. I could take Friday off if there are enough volunteers to help with the move, or wait for friday evening after 6pm. That would allow for some unpacking friday evening, and sat morning. I have to leave sat mid day to finish some packing for vacation. Leave Sunday.

My truck ball is on the edge of towing capacity, if someone with a better hitch would be willing pull the trailer two blocks.



I could provide a truck to pull a trailer (I don’t have a trailer,
sadly). But, the only time I could do it this week would probably be
tomorrow afternoon.



I’ve got a frame-mounted receiver hitch on my Explorer, but I have no idea of the tongue weight it can handle. Max towing capacity for the truck is 3,500 lbs, and I’m pretty sure that the hitch is rated for that or better, so I’ll go with that. And I can push a gas pedal with my right foot. Based on experience with Poorman’s, I’d say their fork lift is probably not on the table. He’s been angry with us ever since he came and threw a big handful of sawdust in our building and told us we couldn’t use his dumpster any longer or park in his lot any more.


Okay, so I should ask… what are the dimensions and weight? Because
while I don’t have a flat-bed trailer, I do have a horse trailer that
can probably carry the thing. If it can carry two horses…



FYI, 78"x58"x50" 1100-1200lbs. It is a light 1200lbs, that would be 300lb a piece for 4 people :slight_smile:

It is about $20-30 to rent one for a day at UHaul. It has a 2" ball. I have put in the reservation for Friday at noon pickup.