Tye dye

Hey y’all!

I would like to do some tye-dying at the makerspace. I was planning on doing it outside cause bleach will be involved (on the concrete, not the grass) but I wanted to check in and make sure that was the best space.

Any thoughts/rules on this one?


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If bleach is involved it called discharge dying and chlorine bleach is not the best or safest option for the grass or you garments. Even when washed out the PH of the cotton garment has changed and the fibers continue to rot, taking years from the life of the garment. Dharma Trading company has Discharge paste that are peroxide based and good for cotton. I have made my own solution using Ritz Color remover, another peroxide bleach, and hot water to help dissolve it, forewarning it stinks. I don’t know anyone who currently sells the Ritz Color remover locally but I do have some available. I have garments over 10 years old that I’ve discharged this way.

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Can’t be any worse than fish poop fertilizer!

I’ll gladly take some and see if I can find the other stuff needed.

Thank for saving my server aprons, they’re washed so often they would’ve fallen apart I a year.

What are your server aprons made of? I bet 100% polyester or a blend of polyester? If that’s the case they will not work well. Polyester isn’t dyed it’s a form of plastic. Color is added to the pellets before they are extruder into fiber. It most likely will not work at all.

Synthetic blend. 50/50 cotton/polyester. Tho I can order some 100% Cotten ones

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We can try it but the results will likely not be very good. I will be there Sunday to cut out some stuff on the laser. I will try my best to remember to bring the Ritz Color Remover that I have.

I prefer ease so I traded them out for some 100% cotton ones. They won’t be here till Monday so we have time!

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Here’s 2 examples of what I’ve done. Both used a spray bottle and I sprayed more in some areas, less in others and probably spilled it on in some places.

This one was rust dyed and then discharged along the bottom

This one was discharged then I used Fluid Golden Acrylics mixed with water to give it a stary night effect. The colors were not picked up well by the camera.


Those are gorgeous! :star_struck:

How did you do that w/o them all running together?

Put one color on and let it dry then put on the other color, repeat. Be very controlled and not put alot.

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Here’s an art piece I did where I ironed on butcher paper cut like a windmill and sprayed on the color remover.


Wait are you saying you can iron on butcher paper and it sticks?

Like good for lumi, or dyes and such?

Like cut the paper with the vinyl cutter iron it on spray some stuff and it resists like some crazy butcher paper batik thing?

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Yes, and you can cut a piece of butcher paper 8.5x11 and print directly on fabric with a laser copier. Best for outlines of embrodery work and light colors of fabric.


I would love to do this with the public logo!


What logo?

Public at the brickyard, local restaurant.

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That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure. I’d be happy to collaborate on something like that. Aprons would be cool too.

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@malissa I’ve also heard it called “reverse dying”. Yours are beautiful!

@noahjwc I have dyed many things, aprons included, and Malissa is right. 100% cotton or natural fiber is best. Although a poly/cotton blend can give you a neat, almost “heathered” look where the white resists the dye.

The chemistry behind tie dye always fascinates me. If done correctly, your colors will become permanently bonded to the fibers. And as Malissa said, I also recommend Dharma trading if you want more info on processes.


I’ll check it out cause I can feel a special interest coming on. I’m use to the rubber/ice tye-dye method but Malissas looks so much prettier.

I did return the blend aprons but I may get them again to see what happens. :sweat_smile:


@Noahjwc I don’t know how many you’re planning to do, but if it’s only a dozen or so I’d be happy to lend you some of my squeeze bottles, etc. I use a lot of dharmas fiber reactive dyes and love bright colors! I’ll send some pics in a few.