Time for winter peas

Its time to plant Austrian Winter Peas. These are amazing they survive all winter here! Makes an excellent salad green, tastes like snow or snap peas! High in protein and nitrogen fixer! And they are good forage for animals my ducks and chickens love them!

If you plant now they will grow quickly until it gets reall cold, then they go kinda dormant but flush in the spring and get huge! Makes good green manure/ cover crop.

Fall is my favorite time to garden, weather is cool and hardly any weeds

If you need seed let me know i buy in bulk


what is the yield per pound of seed average?

I have had my freeze dryer going non-stop since it came in would love to do some peas.

Thinking I could use 2 lbs of seed

Sorry i dont think i explained this clearly. Most people grow these for the greens, they won’t make seed until late next spring and they are a field pea that is usually dried like beans. I dont think the actual peas are very good in a sweet pea sort of way. Mostly cooked from dry in pea soup. But the greens are excellent!

It is a great fresh salad green and cover crop that builds the soil and adds nitrogen. Its nice to have something green growing in the winter as well.

1-2 pounds per 1000 square feet gives a good stand that will choke out weeds in the spring.

Let me know if you want the seed for sure its only like $2 a pound.


That is cool i grow micro greens and hydroponic salads where can we meet up

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Im 1/2 mile from MakeICT, we can meet there whenever you are ready i can usually get away from work.

.Those microgreens look great! These peas should be good for that, and the leaves are 20-30% protein!

Let me know


Hey Jesse, I’d love to plant more peas. My challenge this year has been the birds. They LOVE the seed and the tender plants. Frank, you inspire me. Id love to talk micro greens with you.

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Microgreens are so easy and make a very tasty and healty salad.
I dont get up to the space as much as I use to but would love to chat if you want sometime here. so I can show you what I use for equipment and techniques.
I have also been dabbling in mushroom cultivation i just got 2 -5 gallon buckets loaded today. Will be posting in my mushroom artical the updates

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I would love to see your set up and discuss stragies. Ive been wanting to try my hand at growing mushrooms also but Im trying to maintain my focus on “the garden” this year to make sure Ive got those processes down. Im trying to settle on what crops make the most sense to grow.
We have a small brew system too but havent opened that can of worms yet.
Would you have any availability this next Thursday?

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Here is a pic from this morning, i planted these 2 weeks ago to the day.


I would like to try these in part of the MakeICT garden and also at home. Can I get 2# from you?

Thank you

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Sure thing i can weight them out this morning. I’ll be at ceramics night tomorrow or i can meet you at make today i live close by


I’ll pop into Ceramics tomorrow, probably closer to 7. Thanks!

Ok I will bring them, see you then!


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I’ll pop into Ceramics tomorrow, probably closer to 7. Thanks!

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Sherry, we knew you said 2 pounds but I wonder how many younger people will think “How much is 2 hashtag.”


Or think she put the hashtag in the wrong place.

Back in my day we never heard of hashtags…

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:joy: once my teenager was complaining about not having privacy with his phone and said “Grandma would never have listened to your phone conversations” and I burst out laughing. He couldn’t understand the significance of a corded phone in the kitchen (with two younger brothers) and every call was expensive long distance!




Not to mention party lines…

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And most people have never experienced the very old party lines. I remember them when I was a kid. haha