Spring Renaissance Fair - April 15th and 16th, 2023

So, the next renaissance fair is approaching on April 15th and 16th.

Last year we had an 18x27ft castle at the fair for first time vendors. I’d like to give priority to first time vendors for space in the tent, but if there aren’t enough 1st time vendors, space might be given to return vendors.

I know we have a lot of stuff spooling up for MakerMarket, but I would still like to meet this week with any and all people interested in selling stuff at the renaissance fair this spring.

I’ll post a meeting for Wednesday at 8:30 for a quick kickoff get together.


Okay… lot of different help and tasks going on.

We are needing help with volunteers during the event for setup and teardown, as well as to help hawk MakeICT during the two day event. In addition, we could use help prepping for the event by cranking out more catapults, as well as figuring out a better way to transport the castle, and help make targets for the 3rd siege engine entering the contest.

  1. Ethan, Sarah, Malissa, and LaDeana cranked out over 100 catapults for the booth last year and all of the catapults were handed out (big props to them and all of that amazing effort!). We could use help cranking out another set of 100 catapults. (Gemma and Jeremy Blackburn said they would be willing to help with this effort if they had some guidance)
  2. We were very fortunate to be able to find a 16ft trailer to haul the castle frontage at the very last minute (thank you David Hanson)… we need to figure out how to transport the castle without a trailer and preferably with the use of 1/2 ton pickup trucks.
  3. Matthew Cleary is building his own crossbow for the siege weapon contest. Which means we need to make more targets… the targets are copies of cornhole targets with longer legs. We need help making 5 of those targets for use during the event (preferable painted green and orange).
  4. If enough vendors commit to the event, we may need to create a façade for a 2nd tent.
  5. Rustin Atkeisson is going to be focused on a special commission piece for possibly two of the next weeks, so help and coordination is REALLY going to be needed.
Great Plain Renaissance Festival
Volunteers Needed 1 2 3 4 5
Setup Apr 14th (10am - 6pm) Rustin A. Michael A. Gemma B. Jeremy B. Aaron R.
Apr 15th (9:30am - 6pm) Rustin A. Michael A. Gemma B. Jeremy B. Dean D.
Apr 16th (9:30am - 6pm and TD) Rustin A. Michael A. Jeremy B. Gemma B. Matthew C.
Siege Contest
Volunteers Needed 1 2 3 4 5
Sat Apr 15th (3:30pm) Rustin A. Michael A. Jeremy B. Dean D. Matthew C.
Sun APR 16th(3:30pm) Rustin A. Michael A. Gemma B. Dean D. Matthew C.
Make And Take
Volunteers Needed 1 2 3 4
Sat Apr 15th (3:30pm) Jeremy B. Matthew C.
Sun APR 16th(3:30pm) Gemma B. Matthew C.

Here is what we have confirmed for vendors wanting to join our tent. If anyone else wants to come and and vend with us, they are welcome to, and will get preference if they are vending at the Renaissance fair for their first time. If we have more than 7 vendors confirm that they want to vend under the MakeICT tent by Sun Mar 12th, then there is talk of returning vendors getting a 2nd 20x20 booth going (get with Michael A. for details, this would give everyone time to get the logistics figured out as well as make a really cool façade)

1st Time Vendors
Gemma’s Books-Gemma Blackburn
Jeremy Blackburn
Returning Vendors
Michael A.
Kim N.
Gretchen Koch

Those 8th, 9th and 10th dates should be the 14th, 15th, and 16th, right? Just checking before requesting PTO.


correct, thanks for catching that. The post has been updated.


Has there been any further interest in new vendors or are we on track to still being able to operate in the castle?


There has been more interest in volunteering but I have not had additional vendors. So, I think we will stick with the one tent for this event.


I’m not sure there’s a better way to transport the castle. It’s a big bulky object. Adding built in tie down points would make it easier to secure, though. The straps did cut into the foam. Unless there is less space, or you have a roll back to use, I don’t see transport going much easier. What’s the longest section?

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Im unsure of the longest section length but im fairly certain the transport situation hasn’t improved over last year. I think the archway might be able to be sectioned into 2 peices but the towers are not. Rivers was the master of fabrication for this guy so im going off 6 month old memory of the final friday push to get it ready.


Fwiw, I don’t know what days it will need to be transported, but I’m on the road much of the time for work now. I am open to loaning my trailer for use but I may not be available to help.


I may take you up on that offer. I haven’t had much of a chance lately to ask around to borrow a trailer.


An FYI, I am printing these simple DIY catapult I remixed from a public domain stl.

I made them dummy proof as possible. Lol.

Rustin has seen, approved. If anyone has concerns, I know you will speak.

I would advise using good judgment and do your best to give to responsible adults or parents. (Unfortunately, these two are not all inclusive )

I designed ammo to get lost quickly to help parents. Lol

The individual then can then choose their own projectile.


As kids my brothers and I made catapults with popsicle sticks and rubber bands. We made ammo from the play clay wrapped in aluminum foil. We used them to attack the green plastic army men. That was probably 60 years ago.


I made (probably) the same popsicle stick and rubber band catapults this last year at the library tech day.


I’m also working on the lasercut catapults that Ethan designed. We have about 30 of those kits finished so far, and hope to have over 100 made before ren faire. It’ll be fun to see which mini catapult can hurl tiny objects the furthest!!!


Weren’t popsicle sticks , clay and rubberbands, the only building supplies kids had access to in that era? Brain toys it turned out.


Nope they also had wooden thread spool and buttons.


Buttons would make great ammo! Do you still have that massive tub of buttons sitting around?

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@Textiles still has loads of buttons, but I wouldn’t recommend taking them for ammo for liability reasons. That’s why we have cotton balls. @BYoungers ammo might be a liability as well.

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Nah, not for ren faire. Just for my own amusement lol


All the ammo needed is lying on the ground and in their imaginations.

The ammo provided is for practice and demonstration purposes only. It is to be disposed of once the use of the device is mastered.

You have mastered it if the ammo is lost.