Slab Saw "Issue"

The slab saw in jewelery lab is for stone only.

While I commend the member who’s tenacity stayed through what had to be the longest cut time in the world, the diamond grit blade ran without water on the metal surface is now worn.

The slab saw is now down for maintenance repair and cleaning of metal debris from the well. If anyone needs to make a slab cut through stone in the interim the tile saw is unplugged to the left of the cabbing machine, just plug in and add water.


Im curious, as would others, what is the loss in hours and dollars for the error?

Let us say, the error was unintentional or a major overestimate of one’s familiarity of the equipment .

Did the user step up and submit to their thrashing?

It’ll take an hour or two to tear down the machine and clean out the aluminum glitter in the water well. Depending on if we lucked out the blade might be able to be reconditioned, which would save money but cost time.

I haven’t priced a good replacement yet because typically one of these blades can last for years. I would expect between 40-80 depending on brand/supplier.

I would assume that this was done in error. My thought process was someone authorized on the metal lathe tried to mount it and perform a cutoff but failed to get it in the jaws, saw the saw and thought it would work like the chop saw on the hot side but closer and thinner cut.

As of yet no one has come forward with a mia culpa, it was noticed by jewelery leads on maker monday. If no one comes forward that is ok, this post was more to let members know that 1) the slab saw is down and 2) it’s not meant to cut what it was told to cut.


It is ok to make a mistake at the makerspace. (We would prefer you ask and not make the mistake… but … we know people make them… heck - we make them… don’t ever be afraid to say something if you make a mistake.)


Fully agree, mistakes are how we learn and gain proficiency. It’s unfortunate that it downs a machine but we have a servicable if not purpose specific back-up and this gives me a good exscuse to redo the wiring because to be honest it has seen better days and is overdue.


Plus we have a maintenance budget for mistakes or at least we did before COVID.

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Quick update:: The electrical part has been replaced and is now much better, far less scary looking then it was. Well was cleaned out and the blade inspected. Its almost completely worn on the edge. While it can be refurbed with a lot of time I’m going to go ahead and order a new blade with the next supply order for the lab.

Until then the trim saw is still down.

Thanks everyone for your patience.