Rock River Rapids Cardboard Regatta

Anybody up for building a 2-4 person cardboard boat for Thursday night?

I may have some large cardboard boxes by then for anyone interested.


I still have some thick Wyrmwood shipping cardboard that might be good for support. Might be a fun distraction.


I believe this falls under the category of “stupid fun”…
I’m in!

also, I bet we can make a boat under their rules that will float longer than we want to be in it

Pretty sure we could make a zumwalt class cardboard destroyer in a few days.


Random thoughts:

  • Submarine

  • Paddleboat

  • what is the most waterproof 1 part paint? Marine Paint? Rubbery Paint?

  • Name it the Minnow (include Captain, Gillgan, Mary Ann and Ginger) Lovey and Thurston pays for it the professor designs it.
    *Make it big round and silver and put 3 men it a tub


I guess ill ask. We going to try or no?

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It might be late this evening if I get the chance to hop in on this one.

I’m debating making a run this evening to Menards for a truck load of stones for my own garden.

Is this one of those events we should give a pass on this year and mark it on the calendar for next? It appears this event repeats.

Unfortunately, I’m leaning that same way…

It would probably be a good idea to dig through the VisitWichita calendar and see what else they have going on that might be fun for makers to get into or go check out.

I still definitely want to check this out Thursday and see what we’d be running up against, or what kind of inspiration is out there.

Plan B - anyone up for a giant box fort?

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We did the cardboard boat regatta that Hutton Construction hosted recently at the Maize Aquatic Center for work and it was great fun. Took us a couple of evenings to get our boat built and ready. So, if we don’t have a week to work on it, I’d agree with @rustin.atkeisson and @MAtherton and put it on the list for next time.

Here’s a fun pic for inspiration:


I vote we have a cardboard regatta for ourselves and a competition between the different Maker spaces! @rustin.atkeisson @MAtherton @squarenuts @ScottS @pwhutchi @Malissa @james.a.seymour @doug.wilson @David @ssaner


How safe is the water in our creek

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Area leads competition sounds crazy! It highlights my focus on interarea cooperation perfectly

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I wouldn’t drink it, but our creeks don’t usually have cyanobacteria warnings so probably not likely to be deadly (though that would add a fascinating twist LOL)

@SeanSandefur @ladeana

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Creeks and rivers usually have less stagnant water than ponds and lakes. But, when flow is low or nothing they can have cyanobacterium just as badly.

Any surface water not considered a recreational resource is extremely unlikely to be tested.

Aside from blue-green algae (misnomer, it’s not an algae) there are lots of other risky contaminants in the creek because it contains a lot of street drainage.

Metals, antifreeze, motor oil, animal droppings are virtually guaranteed to be present, just to name a few.


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Dang. Looks like just about everything I’ve ever done on a boat is illegal!

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Before y’all do this, can someone teach me to use the popcorn machine?
Maybe we can do bets as a fundraiser for the garden.
:eyes: :popcorn:


@Noahjwc you have to help build one for the garden!