Can you please quote this. I have a 24” X 24” ¼ piece of acrylic I would like cut into the shape attached. Can you please let me know if that is doable and the price.



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Can someone move this to General. I am sure one of the laser experts would be able to reply on it.

Crystal …

Are you wanting just the shape, or are you wanting all of the black areas engraved?

@bradcozine is this up your alley, perhaps?

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We are a space where members can make stuff. As an organization we do not do work for hire.

I have moved this to the public forum. Maybe there are members that might be able to help you out.

Do you sleep david.

@David Oh, I’m in just about every alley… and will gladly help… BUT, I know Kyra (@KRABBIT) does EXACTLY this!

Image from her post:


@Crystal_Hutchinson, were you able to get the help you were looking for?

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If we can’t make some scratch with the skills we have acquired then whats the point? LOL! Just saying!
Directive 1. Teach one to fish.
Directive 2. Fish for them. (For a price)

Maker should be compensated for his time and materials


I think Tom’s point is that MakeICT the organization itself does not do work for hire. The organization offers the space for people to be awesome and whatnot.

Members are certainly free to help people out with their projects.


Tried it. Didn’t like it, so I gave it up.

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Sorry I’ve been busy. If OP wants, they can message me and I’ll send a time/price estimate.