I’m Kyra!

I used to work at a makerspace in college and have extensive experience in lasercutting, 3d modeling/printing. I have some background in electronics and often like to combine art w/ engineering projects.

In the past some of my projects have included: sewing LEDs and embroidery onto a grad cap, combining my glass work with wood working to make some cool staffs, making a musical instrument using Arduino + joystick/button controls, and lasercutting jewelry.

I’m excited to take lots of the classes here to be able to do some more artistic things such as ceramics & sewing. I have a few projects I’m excited to start working on, including cosplay ideas and working with epoxy! Also I love board games and will be coming to the board game event this Friday.

Nice to meet all of y’all!



Do you have a pic of you lasercut jewelry?

Very cool, what Makerspace did you used to be with?


I used to live in New Orleans and was a part of the Tulane Makerspace. Here’s a sample of lasercut jewelry! (Unfort I can only post 1 pic)