Powder oven issue

@heathenfire79 the powder coating oven is out of commission. It appears the solid state relay needs to be replaced.

LOL I thought this was a direct message when I replied. the first time.
I will not have time to look at this oven until at least Wednesday of next week possibly later than that.

Would anyone else have the time and motivation to put their eyes on it and see if you can help?

I think I have a relay around here somewhere. I’ll see if I can dig it up. If we’re sure that’s the issue, I can also order a replacement to keep on hand. I still have the specs on the original.

It appeared to be melted

I’ll take that as a sign that it isn’t working. I hope the member using it when it happened did a lockout/tagout and reported it to the Metal Shop Lead. When did you find it that way?

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I found it when someone pointed it out to me. I taped notes on both the oven and the powder coating cabinet.


I am sure I am stating the obvious here. If it was melted replacing it again with same components might not be the way to go. We should check the specs of the SSR the heat sink if it was installed. Do you know the wattage of the elements used in the oven David?

I did not look at how paul/jb built the enclosure. Is there a cooling fan on the controller side box?

@jwithers Did you happen to take any pictures of the melted mess?

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@tom.bloom no pictures. There is no mess; just slightly warped and you can tell that its probably not functional.

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Did someone try to replace the relay? Going to try and fix it tonight. Looks to be different than before but maybe my memory is shot.

Yes, looks like it was replaced and then melted again.

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Daniel is going to fix it, he is redesigning the system so the heat sink isnt resting against the oven and bought a 40a relay as we were pulling 23 amps so the 25a relay was pushing it

Thanks, Daniel