Powder coat oven issues (still)

I had some awesome people help me get the powder coat oven working (Thursday). But after they had left, it started acting up again. The burners stopped working and I couldn’t get it to heat up again, even though the oven was getting power. I checked the relay which I had replaced, and the new one started melting like the previous one had. I’m pretty new here, so not sure if I’m supposed to post this here, but I just thought I’d let everyone know it’s still having issues. If someone is willing to help me fix it, or if someone does fix it, please let me know. I can also order parts if any are needed. Thanks!

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The Relay was starting to melt? I haven’t looked at the oven in a long time, is the relay close to the heat source or is this an over current condition?

I took the first melted solid state relay home to do some testing with. The second slightly melted one is in the oven still, but I put a lockout/tagout cover on the plug. We need to make sure this isn’t going to happen again before using the oven again. For very small stuff, I used to have a toaster oven over there. No idea if it is still around.

I am not sure. I don’t really know much about electrical, but I think it’s in the wiring, rather than bring too close to a heat source.

Thanks David! Unfortunately i’m trying to coat something that is too big for a toaster oven. Please do keep me updated on when it is working again if you don’t mind.

An over current in the relay means the resistance is less than expected. So perhaps the coils are pulling too much current.

Just as likely is the resistance of the relay itself may have increased, causing a thermal runaway effect. If it were me, I’d replace the relay, if the new relay did the same thing then start measuring the current through the relay and the resistance of the heating elements.

However I’m not a powder coater… I’m an electron herder

Daniel is taking care of it. We were running 23a through an $8 relay where the heat sink was connected to the oven!!! bound to fail eventually. Danial bought a 40a relay and is rearranging everything to solve the issue. Should be back online soon.


Yay thank you! :slight_smile: