Pictures from Classes

Hello! I’m working on a pretty hefty kickstarter campaign (to fund more than just the bare minimum) for the space and I could really use some pictures of people in shops/classes making things. I’ve grabbed some on facebook, already, but I’d really love more. Please share!

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There are a bunch on the magic wheelchair build thread. Logan's EPIC Magic Wheelchair Halloween!


We have a google Picture drive and I’ve also added lots of pictures to our Google business listing. Sorry I missed today, is there notes from the meeting available?

I have tons of “before” photos, from when we first bought the building. Let me know if you want them.


i have pics of some of the things ive made in the woodshop and pics of a collaborative piece that i did with a local painter that i can message to you, if that would help.

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I do. Can you dump them in the Media Files folder on the google drive?

1200+ photos here:

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The 133 photos I took when we first bought the building are now in the Media Files folder, in a subfolder called 2019-08-19 Building Photos.