New DOCSIS 3.1 modem

Got a decent used SB8300 modem on eBay. It arrived today. Got it hooked up.

Me likey.


Woah. Is your service cox gigablast or something else?

I had an old plan, which was 300 Mb up, 30 Mb down, but I rolled over for an extra $15 when I got the modem so I could get the Gigablast tier.

Share some of that upstream with the rest of us will you! :wink:

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I suppose I could run an ethernet cable through the front yard and set you up with a place to plug in at the base of the mailbox…

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I’m eyeing that down TBH

I’m supposed to be getting up to 200 mbps download and 30 upload with cox premier 200. In reality i think download went over 50 once back in '16. We frequently can’t stream because it drops super low.

Oof exactly why I left them.

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Paying the lobbyists are cheaper than upgrading the systems?


As fast as the downloading is, I still hate Cox. I recently got the approval for StarLink, and am on their list. They’re saying my wait is probably 4-5 months.

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Yeah, we had reliability issues with Cox as well. Speeds were pretty spotty and they went to absolute crap any time it rained. When AT&T rolled out fiber in our neighborhood we switched to that. Their 100/100 fiber offer was about $5 more than the 30/3 from cox. It’s been working well for over a year now. my biggest complaint is that they don’t support directly connecting your own router to the ONT and we had issues with the Wi-Fi on the router they provide. You can of course hook up your own wireless router to theirs and disable their Wi-Fi without too much effort. Or with more effort you can extract the certificates from their router using exploits and configure 802.11x authentication on your own device and directly connect it to the ONT, which of course I would never do. On an unrelated note, we’re paying a monthly rental fee for an AT&T router that just sits in a box…


In my experience with AT&T, you may be paying that monthly rental fee for years after you no longer have service with them. They seem to be notorious about “forgetting” to cancel charges to credit cards. They did that to my mom, and we finally ended up just cancelling the card altogether, rather than doing chargebacks every single month for over a year.

It seems starlink would replace your mobile connection as well, right? That’s interesting. Could transfer your number to Google voice and cancel your mobile plan entirely AND get coverage everywhere.

I guess that’s probably not how it works.

StarLink requires a dish (that they call “Dishy McFlatface”), and is only good for the home internet connection. The only use with a cell phone is through wi-fi, so it is only useful at the location the dish is installed.

This made me so happy to read. I certainly won’t be doing this either.