Unfortunately I have drew a blank on sourcing surplus masonite at the local aircraft company. Apparently when line flow drops from 57 per month to 7 there is a corresponding drop in surplus.

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Darn. I was hoping to get some to make a few things for the classroom. Thanks for trying!

There are some pieces of Masonite that were the backing from some of the bookcases that were removed from the building located just inside the door to the kiln room. Most of them have shelf liner on one side, but the back sides are clean if you don’t mind the rough side. Some day I’m going to learn how to use the shop bot and turn them I to peg board but if a couple of them would work for your project, go for it. Couldn’t bear to see all that go in the dumpster.

@pwhutchi how much pegboard do you need? I have a modest supply and might be able to share some if I have appropriately-sized pieces.

Way to kill my recycling spirit! Just kidding. :money_mouth_face:

I’m not 100% to be honest. I though it could be really handy in places all over the building for hanging up tools and supplies.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

For sure once the layout settles in the kiln room I’ll get some up in there to hang tools on.


I’m considering heavy use of it in the ERP lab actually.

As well as my basement TBH

Unfortunately, Spirit is out of hardboard/masonite. :frowning:

Isn’t that stuff like 10$ at home depot?

$7 for 4x8 sheet. The stuff we got from Spirit was way cheaper, though. That’s why we were able to keep a bunch in stock without charging for it.


Thank you @jcarpenter81 and @rustin.atkeisson for checking with Spirit on this. If the situation changes down the road, maybe that will be an option again.

So let me ask you all this. If the FabLab were to purchase some sheets and make it available, would those that use it be willing to cover the expense donating some amount of money per square foot used, or something like that? Kind of like what we do for filament? Would that be easier than sourcing your own material and bringing it?

Relatedly, I have see a fair bit of difference between difference sources of compressed hardboard in terms of how well the laser cutters cut it. For those that have maybe experimented with this more than I have, is there a favorite source for hardboard that has a good price and cuts well?

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i “might” be able to get some for free. let me check.

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That would be pretty cool. Let me know.

so far so bad. i need to stop by the place that might have it anyway, they might not understand what im wanting

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I know it’s been awhile, but I was wondering if anyone (@jcarpenter81, @rustin.atkeisson) has checked with Spirit again recently about the Masonite? Or is willing to share who they normally talk to at Spirit? I work in IT out there & have my truck at the plant daily & could do a pickup if any is available.

Also, @sheldonp1968, I’m assuming your efforts were a bust as well?

I got this text earlier this week. You may want to check

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Spirit was selling 4x8 sheets of masonite for $1 if we need more.

I picked up 15 sheets last week. There are 3x half sheets sitting in the wood shop for anyone that needs some masonite, but the 4x3ft sheets in the fab lab are meant for cranking out the signs and and trebuchetes for all the outreach events going on. this month.


Where is the surplus store at? The last time I went there it was on 47th street.

It’s deep within Spirit’s property now.

You have to go through a set of security gates to get in. The entrance is gate 17 off of turnpike drive. You’ll have to hop over to the railroad tracks to get to the gate, and then it’s a bit of a maze to get back to the surplus shop.


Is it open to the public?

Not 100% certain ok that. You would have to contact investment recovery at Spirit.