Mario Down

Mario is currently out of order. It has developed a strange behavior when it does a return to origin operation. During that operation, the Y axis is jerky and there is an ugly growling noise. It is almost as if the motors are working against themselves or something.

The rotational axis control is disabled as best as I can tell, but I’m a bit suspicious that it may still have something to do with the problem.

I may have to defer to @Christian on this one.

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I’ll try to take a look at it today.

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Thanks @Christian. I can probably come by this evening if you need help with anything.

I took a look at it and i think its a gantry problem. Either with the linear rails or the belt system. When it moves along the Y axis it looks like its getting caught on something. Possibly from all the head crashes but i shall know more later tonight. Either way this problem looks like mario will be down for a couple of days if not longer.

The thing is, this happens only during a return to origin. No problems that I can detect jogging or during a cut, but when the cut is finished and it returns to the starting origin point, then it has a problem. That sounds like a controller issue to me.

Yeah, it doesn’t really seem like a mechanical issue to me. It seems to run fine at 400mm/s using the keypad, put returning to origin somehow trips it up even at 200mm/s. If you set the max speed on the Y to 100 mm/s it runs fine, so that’s a potential workaround.

I’ll be teaching a 3D Printing class this evening starting at 6:30. Not really sure what to try next for troubleshooting.

I see that there’s a setting in Edit > Machine Settings, called “Return Position” - There are online reports that if that setting is set to “no return” then it causes problems returning to origin. Very likely not the issue, but it is something that is quickly and easily eliminated as a possibility, however remote.

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That setting simply turns off the return to origin feature, which does “fix” the problem in that it doesn’t try to return to origin and therefore doesn’t have the issue. But, it is not very convenient in that there are reasons why you might want it to return to the start position, particularly if you want to run the cut sequence a 2nd time.

Question answered

Has anything more come of this issue? Is the max speed on the Y access currently set to 100 mm/s as the work around?

I haven’t done anything with it. I think we should try swapping the stepper drivers/motors between the axes to try to rule out that hardware.

I believe I found the problem. The micro switch at the front of Y axis is not functioning properly.

Interesting thought. I’ll check that later today. What makes you think that’s the issue?

The issue were having is with the Y axis.
The -Y limit switch (Micro Switch) is bad (it doesn’t snap) and needs replaced anyway. And very possibly could be the cause of the issue if its having an intermittent internal short…

Well, it was a good thought, but that wasn’t the issue. The funky switch has been replaced, though.

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I attempted using Mario last night, it didn’t go well. At first it seemed okay, and was just slow so I ran the job anyways. After about 15 minutes the stars turned to squiggles. So I’m guessing it’s still under maintenance?

We reduced the max Y-axis speed to prevent the homing issue it was having. We haven’t been able to identify the root cause of the issue, though. The speed reduction shouldn’t be noticeable when running most jobs since the Y-axis typically doesn’t go that fast anyways. Several people have used it over the past few days without any (reported) issues. Could you share more details about the issue you had? Not sure what you mean by “stars turned to squiggles”.

After Luigi was down I attempted to use Mario as well and had a similar experience that I assumed was related to the original problem.

My project was a starmap and should only consist of circles. Everything started out fine, but the last 10% of the cuts went haywire. Several smaller circles became squiggles, and the large circle to cut the entire project out looked more like a chat bubble. This was replicated on the display on Mario so it seemed to know that it was cutting squiggles.

Weird. Did you check the preview in LightBurn? Can you share the project file?