Lightburn licenses

Who do we talk to to get a discounted license for light burn software I prefer using it was told in class we might be able to get it for half price

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I’m not sure who taught the class, and don’t know a lot about LightBurn’s pricing policies, but I did see this on Dallas MakerSpace’s forum recently, posted by LightBurn:

A normal LightBurn license comes with two seats - you can install and use it on two machines. For maker-spaces, we are offering bulk discounts, so the space buys a license for their laser, and users can get them for $20 for personal or off-site use. We would need to have proof of membership from the space to offer the discount, or the space could bulk-buy the licenses. Have them contact us to set it up.

And yes, the software is only 8 months old. Come have a look at our FB support page to get an idea of the update rate, and compare that with how often you get responses from Ruida.

I’ll send you our discount code.


@Christian, could you send me one, as well?

(@MF72, you might be interested in this, too.)

I’d like it as well.

Oh yeah please and thank you.

The code has been sent to everyone who requested it.

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@Christian could you please activate a code on the instructor computer in the classroom? Apparently the trial version has expired.

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Yeah, we’ll do that. Just got the roaming licenses for other computers purchased.


Should I use this code or the one previously given then?

Use the one I sent you earlier. This is something different.

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@Christian can you send me a code as well? Thanks

@Christian, did you send a code to MF72 (Matt Furnish)? I was looking through this thread, and it looks like he replied to me when requesting one. Not sure if you got the request at all.

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Hello @Christian, would you have time to send me a code for light burn? Please and thank you!

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All requested codes have been sent.


So is a code needed to run lightburn?

No additional codes needed to run lightburn on the 2 laser computers at Make ICT.
Just for member use on a pc that is to be used on make ict equipment.
I.e. if you plan to make your project at home in lightburn then bring to ict to run.

Thanks for info!!!

Would you please send me discount code for LaserBurn when you have time.

Thanks in advance

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We’d like one as well.


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