Jimmy and Steve's project night to replace "arduino class"

due to an increasing demand for a “projects night” Steve and i decided to open up the arduino class to a project night. Here is the updated class description.

If we are working on something specific next week we will try to post it in this thread

title - "Jimmy and Steve’s project night "

We are here to help with just about any project whether it be Electronics, Arduino, Programming, Fusion 360, CNC Laser, Plasma, Router, Tormach, Tig, and Mig welding, ect. Feel free to bring anything you need help working on or just show up and work on something with a group.

Jimmy will be here from 630 to 830 to support any of the classes i teach, if you have a question or an issue feel free to show up.

If no one brings a project Steve and I will work on random projects from Machine and Website maintenance to machine building, using the Cnc machines, ect

any input is welcome,
hope to see you soon.


This awesome. Kudos to Steve and you!

Awesome! I love it when people take initiative to do things at the space!
Thanks guys!

I’ll be there tomorrow working on the new card readers for equipment authorization. More info in this thread: WiFi Badge Reader V3.0

I’m planning to start coming to MakeICT regularly on Tuesdays to work on makerspace related projects.

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I am not able to make it tonight, tried to drive out in the weather and turned back.

Have fun if anyone shows up


Steve and I are here currently talking card readers.

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I had planned on staying this evening as well, but the snow was coming down pretty hard and I decided that I’d rather be stuck at home than at MakeICT. It’s a nice place, but kind of sucks as an apartment. Not that nobody has ever tried to use it as one, I guess.

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Well, you missed out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Steve and I discussed the current state of the badge reader project. The Wichita Rowing Association is building a boathouse this year and he’s looking into implementing an electronic key system for member access.

A soon-to-be member also stopped by with accelerometer/gyroscope issues and we helped him get it up and running.

I did miss out, but I think I’m glad I did this time. I do think that moving the Kiosk project to Tuesday evenings might be a good idea, though. What do you think?

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