Ian's projects

I’ve been remiss in posting anything here that I’ve made recently and I’m hoping to start making more things in the coming months! So I decided to take a page out of Frank’s book & put together a single page of everything I’ve made/am making & then anything that I find specifically interesting/involved or that others find interesting, I can break out in to a more detailed post.

Without any further adieu, the Midian Fez:
For those that don’t know it, I’m a member of the Midian Shrine & for a fund raiser I was making steel fez’s:

Of course, in order to make the Fez’s, I had to build my Plasma Table:
Project Write-up

What would 2020-2021 have been without makers making masks? Here are a few of my choice designs:

Mask’s for my go-kart unit, with our logo on it in HTV

Signs (I really need to start getting pictures after I paint them):

For my nephew for his wedding

For the head of Midian Shrine’s wife for last year

Some quick permanenet vinyl paws for Project Graduation’s keepsake thumb drives

Finally, some 3D modeling in Fusion to help a friend out that had broken a part on his model trains & he isn’t able to purchase replacements parts anymore. He happened to have 1 intact, so I was able to get the measurements off of that one to base the model from:




Okay, I’ll try to update more often, so there isn’t quite so much!


Love it!


At some point over the last year, I followed in @Frank’s footsteps and got a Cricut Maker. I’ve been having a ton of fun with it, but I’ve been remiss on posting on here about that & my other builds.

Starting off with some chemical wood burning for wedding presents:

This is cool because you cut vinyl on the cricut, then use that as a mask for the chemicals. Then you just use a heat gun to “burn it”.

Next up, some designs for my wife & sister for their summer fun:

And finally, an anniversary present for a friend. I really need to get better at taking pictures of finished projects before I send them off!


Wow, I’ve really been remiss about posting what I’ve been making! I’ll start with some new stuff & then dig back through the archives!

Mostly lately I’ve been making my wife crazy, but I don’t think that counts, so I’ll switch over to the second option, which is food! We recently bought a blackstone & between that and the smoker, we’ve been cranking out some tasty food!

Beyond that, I was making my yard look better…

But the newest actual “making” I’ve done was a couple of cups for my wife and I to take on a trip.

More to come later on!


Okay, I think this will get me caught up with what I’ve done over the last couple years. Other than knee surgery, the answer is not much.

For a BBQ competition we had at the Shrine (Tunes & Blooms) I made the trophies/plaques.

Also made some kids aprons for the BBQ competition:

Made some shirts for the ladies of the guys in my go-kart group:

Fixed a broken garage door spring:

Made some customized jewelry bags for a friend:

And made a couple keepers to give away in a raffle at the Shrine (yes, I contacted the keeper of Blackbear Bosin’s estate about the creations and got the okay):

The stake is to optionally put this in the ground.