We don’t even need to dig a hole; if given permission and location I’ll put one together, 2 feet tall, at least 3 feet diameter and the immediate surrounding area cleared with paving stones around it. I can have plans drawn up if needed for the board to review. When approved we can plan on a day with volunteers to help put it together and then use it for a grilled dinner…


Who should I approach for permission?


Please be careful on your choice of stone, some have air pockets that can expand, pop, and hurt someone. At least that is what was instilled in me in boy scouts.

Actually my wife and I have been kicking around the idea of casting fire cement bricks for making a firepit.

Full disclosure we were going to make them skull shaped.


What’s pansophy?

Ultimately, you would approach the board about putting in a fire pit at Booth. We might have to check with our zoning. There may be some verbage in there about out door open flames.

I could easily see a fire pit being fueled by the scraps from the wood shop and textiles and being a good way to get people to socialize at the end of the week.

Especially on game night! Imagine a rousing game of DnD around a blazing fire with free range hot chocolate with nonGMO marshmallows!


Excellent question

“universal wisdom or knowledge” I am the makerspace smartypants. I handle many of the general information request, routing them to the people that need to see them. I also hold a lot of tribal knowledge since I’ve been a member for so long.

For instance, your query specifically:

While you could verbally request permission to build a firepit from the board at any meeting, the most effective method of submitting your proposal would be to draw up the plans, make a brief cost analysis, and give some general ideas on how it can increase member participation. Email these in a single email to the board of directors using their official emails here ( that will allow them to discuss the project and vote on it at the next meeting.

OK, thanks James, I will gather information to present to the board.

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Why would you burn textiles? Or are you that angry at a sewing project?


We prefer to discuss things in the open. Adding a new post here would suffice or attending Breakfast with the Board if your more ambitious or both.


Dont make it wider than 3 feet in diameter, else we will be breaking a wichita fire code.

The 3 foot rule is for residential areas , Zoned R-1, or R-2, only. Our Zoning will be different, Check the Zoning. Fine to propose it to the Board, they will check.


Yeah, posting your firepit plans/ideas to here to the forum would be much better than emailing the board.


because clay and circuit boards don’t burn that well… textiles were an example… though, would we allow effigies to be burned? …as long as they are non-gmo based effigies that is. lol

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Now your talking my favorite!!!

Witchcraft is a craft.


and not something that is dangerous around fire such as a golf ball.

Fire pit is a must and also horse shoes.

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So a note with regards to where a garden could be done, I’ve been looking at plans, and a lot of the grounds have had things on them, so I’d be more than happy to go over some of those if people want to.

I don’t have enough time to do much more than that, but I can tell you areas where it would likely need to be avoided, due to prior construction, some hazards, like the sewer lines, and such.

Actually, on a semi-related thing, Does someone happen to have a metal detector they could bring on Wednesday or another time to check a few things?