I know with 2.5 acres there might be potential to grow flowers, plants, maybe even some fruits and vegetables at the new location and I’ve even heard some members excited about this possibility. Now’s the time to start pulling those like minds together.


I would have Iris to donate for flower beds. Many different sizes and colors.


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With all those south-facing windows you could get some crops started early too.


That’s actually the start of an awesome plan right there.

Instead of each person buying tomato plants and such, we set up a set of shelfs in the Southside that holds starter trays. The trays are reusable and the pods are cheap. By starting the seeds for the group we build a network of similar gardens that we can share information tips and tricks on.

Leftover plants can be cultivated at the space itself for mid project munching

I tried to start 75 sweet one millions, and had sixty plants. I think I invested 25 bucks.


We use crushed oyster shells for regulating ph levels and increasing the intake levels of fertilizer. We want a vegetarian animal poop as fertilizer for supreme organic growth. Meat eater poop is full of toxins and chemical fertilizers can kill people.

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Hang on. You just took vegan to a level I didn’t know existed. I’m seriously looking for some juicy tomatoes to hide between my bacon and cheese. I’m totally open to having poo parties where we trade awesome excrement, but I was seriously going to suggest getting starter trays from wish and some seeds from Amazon and starting the tomatoes end of February. Perhaps start some pumpkins in may june… I think if you start ornamentals in june they will be ready to pick on Halloween, check the math on that.


The possibilities are endless, hydroponics, ect. Might even tap the space between the two roofs :wink: . I just wanted to get committees going. Great to see all the feedback here and I want okra.


Heck yea I’d love to plant another salsa garden. But I never thought about a gumbo garden…


Two of those South Facing Rooms should be Metal Shop, one is Ceramics. i’m not sure how much access they might have under the windows. You will have to check with those Area Leads on how they are setting up their space. I know Metal Shop is putting Welding and some other items in one room, their dirty room. Metal particles, grinding debris and a large ventilation fan. There is Room 2 with West facing windows.


We could also have wild flower seed bomb making parties.

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I’ve got my eye on a grant for a community garden, and my last two walmart grants were (in my head) tasked towards this goal.


Well then we definitely need a committee.


A cultivation committee

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Paging @skebe Bart Walker. He’s been working on this in his head for months, just waiting for the chance to get a committee set up.


You mean you don’t pocket-mulch?

(probably nobody gets that reference, but I’m ok with it)


Dom is apparently a level 5 vegan

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  • I am interested in forming a gardening group
  • I am interested but dont plan on being active
  • I am not interested

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How about a fire pit area?


If it is fired by Natural Gas/Propane or other liquid fuel, it would need to be listed for use with the UPC and from the manufacturer. Installation would require a plumbing permit and inspection.

If it is solid fuel fired, it would probably be considered a fire and subject to burn bans, and other restrictions.

Liquid or solid fuel fired aside, it might not be allowed under our zoning.


A fire pit is a great idea! Definitely not a gas powered one however. I dont know anyone that uses gas for a firepit.
We just need to dig a hole about 2 feet deep, 3 feet in diameter, and put bricks or stone around the perimeter of our pit. I recommend using pinion pine, which will make the entire neighborhood smells fantastic!

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