Gammill Long Arm Quilter

Brian is our 1st student to learn to use the Gammill! Great job Brian. I hope to be right behind you! June is a great teacher.


Hi. I’m new. And the long arm quilter is the reason I joined! How do I learn how to use it?
(I’m attending 6/28 intro meeting)

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Contact @Jhuie she is teaching the class and I was the first guinea pig for taking the class. I’m anxious to be fully certified soon and try my first quilt. Keep in contact and maybe we can learn it together.

Ashley, June will be gone for the next 2 weeks but she will be more than happy to get you certified when she returns. Based on your profile picture, I assume you already have quilting experience, and just need to learn to use our machine. That should be relatively easy for you. As Brian said, June just finished setting up the structure for the authorization, and Brian was the first to run through it. The class takes roughly 2 hours to go through, and you get hands on experience. Of course, with experience, it likely goes much quicker.

Welcome to MakeICT, I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Thank you! So excited

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Welcome! We are so happy to have you. We can set up a class for you when I get back. Do you have experience with a long arm machine? If so, that will shorten the process. Looking forward to meeting you.

No, I don’t have any experience with that. :frowning:

@aletha409 we missed you tonight.

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I am so sorry. I get frequent migraines, and today’s was the worst I’ve had in awhile.
I spent the past 6 hours curled on the bathroom floor crying

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Im so sorry youve had a miserable time. I hope things are better soon. We look forward to seeing you when you are up to it.

I feel your pain. I’m sure the rapid pressure changes over the past few days didn’t help either. Hope you are better now and we’ll see you soon.

Thank you. Between the 100degree weather and the rain we’ve been having, it’s been a miserable few weeks.

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I am so sorry you have been unwell. I am back and will be in textiles between 1 and 4 tomorrow if you feel better.

Ohhhhhh! That would be great! :grinning::grinning:

Should I bring anything?

Just yourself and a top if you have one that you would like to work on.

Running a few minutes late. Be there shortly.

What time tomorrow?

It will be about 6:30.

We are here but a bit late . Apologies.