Electric Roadster Build

Yup just need to use the color chart to match your char the voltage right that’s how we used to do it.

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I’ll check to see how big my crimpers go. I’m pretty sure they go to at least 000, but not sure if they go to 0000

I’ll probably be up at MakeICT for a bit this evening to cut bus bars and sew together battery straps. I’ll probably have that ‘wire’ with me as well.

…I’ve seen people crimp connectors using a vise and some square stock, but I definitely want to make sure these connectors don’t come off.

Noob here… why can’t it be welded? On a smaller scale I would solder it on.

That is awesome Rustin!

I have a crimper at work that will do 4/0 aluminum, and up to 4/0 or 250 kcmil copper. I’d let you borrow it if you’d like.

I’m not sure what welding would do to the performance of the wire. The ends of the cables from tesla lay on top of a flat lug and seem to be pressed together (no discoloration from a weld).

Steve - I would definitely appreciate the use of those crimpers. :slight_smile:

What time are you planning to be at MakeICT?

Hey Rust, what voltage are you looking at? I see you got the HV cables and some big contactors. If your getting into the 300+ vdc you may want to consider a HV box to hold the contactors and main HV battery cut offs.

Probably about 5:30pm. I’ll probably be up there for a few hours this evening.

I do have a plastic HV box that is suppose to be good for 400v/1000a, but I’m a bit skeptical.

Right now, I think I might be hitting 160v with this setup, but down the line, I’d like to push 360v. …and the high voltage cutoff switch is still on backorder. :frowning:

Some Elec Bus knowledge based on the two manufacturers we have: If possible and the controller supports it make a HV Interlock Loop that shuts everything down if the wire breaks connection, even better if you can sneak microswitches into the cabinet to make sure nothing accidentally tries to run you over while you work on it. If you need it and can afford it self-resetting or resettable blade fuses for LV, because you will go through a ton of fuses diaging issues if you don’t. Eaton makes some good LV/HV parts that are pretty much what makes the rounder EV Buses go.

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Eh, a little hot glue should be sufficient, right?

After 300+vdc it becomes very hot glue.

At 60mA your only at 20Watts. Which is low end for a hot glue gun. I’d say keep it under 30mA and you should be fine at 300V

Throw a bit of masking tape around it just in case.

BTW, I really am kidding. I know Rusty knows better, but for anyone out there who is building an electric vehicle with zero electrical/electronics knowledge, it is possible that I suggested using materials slightly beyond their safe application range. Don’t do that.

Its all good. Darwin awards exist for a reason, mainly because of liberal use of duct tape for safety purposes. Rust is smart enough to use the good hot glue. I’m cheap though so I just double up the low cost stuff.

Remember. Hot glue blobs in parallel reduces the current through each blob of hot glue.

Does hot glue follow the same rule as solder? Bigger the blob, the better the job?

I try to avoid political commentary… :slight_smile:


Whats political about duct tape?