Electric Bicycle Project, Help?

This is my Electric Bicycle build I have been working on for a while now.

Back story, I bought the bicycle second-hand from someone on Facebook Marketplace. There were more things wrong with it than I realized, but I have replaced most of those old parts. Bought a Kit to make the bicycle electric.

I think I need some pointers on general bike maintenance on how to get my breaks to work well.

Now I’m trying to think of a way to mount my battery pack to it.

  1. Put the battery in a basket that slides onto the rear rack, but that will take up cargo space and bring up and back the center of gravity.
  2. Modify the frame to fit the battery.
  3. Dismantle the battery and custom fit the cells to fit the frame triangle.

Any ideas or tips you guys have?

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Check out my project. I’m happy to discuss it with you.


I think you did a better choice of type of bike to use. Would you want to meet up Saturday?

Option #1 is fairly commonly done, though usually with a pack designed for mounting on a rack. For safety reasons I wouldn’t recommend #2 or #3 unless you know what you are doing or work with someone who does. Is the pack too big to fit in the front triangle at all? It’s hard to tell from the picture but it looks pretty close.

If you end up bringing it to the makerspace I could help you get the mechanics tuned up.

It could fit if my shock wasn’t there.

I will probably bring it in on Saturday.

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I could be at the makerspace around 1:00 tomorrow.

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We will be out of town Saturday. But we could meet you Sunday morning at MakeICT. Or, you could come by our house and check out the bikes Sunday afternoon…or even this afternoon.

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@Christian I can be there. Sorry for the late reply.

@SeanReed I’ll check out your bike some other time. Don’t think I’ll be heading to Wichita on Sunday.

The electric bicycle works! Thank you @Christian for helping me get the normal bicycle parts working well.

The basket was falling off before I heavy-duty zip-tied it down. :sweat_smile: Need a better battery mounting system for it not to bounce around.

Maximum speed that I got up to was 49mph on PAS level 5. PAS level 1 was 30mph.

Me and my younger brother went for a 9 mile ride. He complained that he was the only one working. :rofl:


49mph!! Wow!! Is that a 1500w motor? What voltage is your battery? I am curious to hear what your range is.

Yes it is a 1500w motor, with a 52V 30A battery, don’t know what the range is yet.

Nice! I have a 52v 13Ah battery and I get over 30 miles. However, I have to watch my draw as I rode with a friend a couple of weeks ago and my draw was higher as I was going slower (counter-intuitive) trying to match his speed. My battery died at 30 miles; which I have rode past several times.

And that is one of the major draw-backs of the mid-mount system. I only have one front sprocket (44t). And riding my bike dead is no fun.

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Woah, 49mph is pretty spicy. I would not advise making a habit of going that fast. If you crash at that speed it’s really gonna hurt, especially if you aren’t wearing full protective gear. The components on standard bicycles (especially those originating on the shelves of WalMart) aren’t generally designed to sustain those speeds. A brake failure or a damaged front axle when you’re going that fast would be a very bad day.

Also keep in mind that this contraption doesn’t fall under the legal definition of an e-bike in Kansas due to the motor that is more than 1000W and the fact that the motor assist doesn’t cut off at 20mph. Kansas currently doesn’t use the class 1/2/3 categories for regulating e-bikes; there was a proposal earlier this year to adopt those classifications (and limit motors to 750W) but it doesn’t look like it went anywhere. The thing you have there would probably fall under the category of an electric motorcycle with all the registration, licensing, and safety requirements that entails.

Yeah, I can imagine that. Probably about as much fun as trying to get back home with a tire that fully deflates within 2 minutes. :rofl:


Yeah, I can attest to what a crash at 20 is like. My wife and I got tangled up. I don’t want to lay blame…but it was her fault. :rofl:


Yeah I’m not going to make that a habit. Just had to see what it was capable of. :sweat_smile:

I didn’t know that Kansas didn’t use the 1/2/3 classification. Guess my ebike is a bit illegal now. Whoops! :joy:


Well, and sometimes those sites don’t specify what voltage that 1500w is at and offer several different voltages in a drop down list.

That might mean it’s 1500w @144v… I think you ought to add a 2nd battery in series and find out. :wink: Worse case, you can add a switch to run them in parallel and increase the range.

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I’ll skip on that one, but that’s a good point. Might have to figure out how to monitor what my bike is actually putting out.

Wow. I’m impressed… a bicycle you should wear all the leathers on… I thought mt 15mph scooter was cooking…

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I think electric scooters are more dangerous. At least for me, last April I hit the inside of my ankle on the drive belt while trying to get one going forward enough for the motor to kick in. :grimacing: It ripped some skin, and I couldn’t walk on it for three days. Got a scar there now.

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