DEADLINE EXTENDED to January 24th. Nation of Makers 2019 Survey

It’s time again to take the national Nation of Makers Survey of makerspaces. Last year we were the BEST in the NATION and members who filled out the survey got a really awesome commemorative coin.

This year coins will be available again for folks who complete the survey!

As well, if we get just 80 of our 400 members to complete this survey we will be provided with a custom report just for Make ICT which will be INVALUABLE to our Fundraising Committee as we apply for grants.

Take the Survey:

We are listed as: 67214 MakeICT in the list of Makerspaces

Check the Leaderboard to see how we’re doing:

Surveys are accepted through December 30th.


I filled out mine and will hassle Daryl to do the same.


Thanks, Patrick for supporting this and writhing this post to attract more survey takers. I truly appreciate it.

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Okay, just done mine

The top space currently has 13 we can do that by Friday.

Do you need me to do the Leader survey or the big Economy survey?

Do the leaders. I’ll get a PDF of the economic survey and we can go over it at the next breakfast. It’s not due until the end of December and we can give multiple views.

Leadership can be done by all in leadership the economic can only be done once.

Done the thing …Twice


Done! We have 23 members that have completed the survey.

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That was as of Friday. I filled the leadership out over the weekend. I’m sure there’s been a few more since then. We still need about 50 to get the data back so I hope the FB post and newsletter help. Don’t forget about our short term needs either those surveys are in the newsletter as well.

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Bumping this up

I was so proud of us last year because we had the most responses. Make me proud again :slight_smile:

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I hate taking surveys, but noticed we are in 2nd place, so i went ahead and completed the survey.


Just 3 more people and we are in the lead for this… let’s do this people

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That’s last weeks numbers . I’m more concerned about getting 90 responses so we get the data back. Just 67 more to go.

42 just 48 to go you guys ROCK!

Perhaps you could set one of the laptops up in the co-working area, with the link to the survey on the desktop. Then put up a big sign asking all makers to take a few moments to fill it out because it benefits MakeICT and costs nothing for the member. That way, anyone who happens to be at the space anyway can sit down and knock it out for you. We can point it out to our members at every opportunity, including Maker Monday and classes.


65 surveys and we’ve blown everyone away. 25 more to get the data. WE ROCK!