CoVid-19 at the MakerSpace

CoVid has come to us. Last week one of our trusted and diligent makers tested positive for CoVid-19 after working at the building with a group of other volunteers. Please keep him in your thoughts. If you were in the building on Wednesday June 24th please consider getting yourself tested immediately. If you were in the building on June 24th, I would like you to self quarantine for 14 days and stay out of the building or get a CoVid-19 test with a negative outcome. I have my fingers crossed you’re all negative. The building has been disinfected since then, thanks Paula.
This incident has made even more apparent that WE MUST WEAR MASKS to prevent the spread of CoVid-19. From this point forward, no one will be allowed into Booth without wearing a mask.


Was that the only day they visited the space?

Hope he recovers quickly.

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Yes, Wed. was the only day.

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Hope all goes well in his recovery!!

Me too. Do they need something to do? Should we send over a ball of yarn and some chopsticks? I know when I was in the hospital quarantine that’s what kept my sanity.

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what about the people he interacted with on that day at booth? have they been to the space on other days since then? they could of got it and passed it on. scary

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Very small group exposed. They have not been back.

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There is going to be a lot of ninjas for Halloween this year.