1st Annual? MakeICT Cardboard Regatta

Here are the minutes from tonight’s chaos known as a meeting:

1st Annual? MakeICT cardboard regatta fest
Time line
-Month out for actual event
*Saturday August 27 (national ‘just because day’)
-Need to reach out to membership
-Need to secure location before starting to advertise
-meet back up in a (25th or 26th) whenever we figure out a location
-was hoping to have this as a going away event for the interns, but may have to plan something else
-would like to do this when the temperatur starts to hit the 80s, low 90s

-possibly to cover for food trucks?

Storage and Prep
-need to talk to LaDeana, possible storage in Room 1

Lake Afton or Santa Fe lake depending on restrictions
Cheney Lake?
Inclement weather - Campus High School

-most spectacular collapse
-first to sink
-going the furthest, fastest, or staying afloat the longest
-biggest battleship
-most sparkly
-the most boxy box
-the most nerdy boat

-Can be made of cardboard, ductape, and paint
-must be waterbased paint (low or no VOC)
-ductape only for seems
-boats must hold 1 to 3 people
-any participants in the boats must wear life preservers
-no raft or surf style designs
-crew compartment must not be enclosed or interfere with escape
-all participants must fill out a hold harmless form
-boats must be powered by oar
- either made of cardboard or foam noodle
- oars may be painted (again with water based paint, low or no VOC)
-participants must transport their own boats to the event

Cardboard Battle
-cannons are acceptable as long as they are made of cardboard and ductape
-only projectile allowed is water (no water balloons)
-secondary event or seperate area for battle
-firing at civilian boats would be a disqualified
-may be suseptable to fire from anyone on shore
-all participants must fly the flag of their organization unless they are participating in battle

*need to check on lake limitations for ‘box boats’

Possible invites
- anyone that has donated to MakeICT
- GoCreate, Sunflower guild, Woodturners guild, South Central Kansas Metal Artisans
- Writers guild from Renaissance Festival


  • through Facebook
  • and through Mailchimp


  • post or stream the event afterwards to youtube (then tictoc) - talk to multimedia committee about getting someone out there with a drone and/or camera

I am so happy this is happening.


Could this be held at the Ren Fest? or at Sedgwick County Park? Emery Park(by Chapin)?

Should there be a minimum combine weight total for teams?

This could be eligible for up to $1000 from Art Council. We would need to have a good budget plan to share with them.

Should we have a public meeting to explain to potential contestants and help people find team members?

I didn’t see any mention of waxed cardboard is it permissible?

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Sedgwick county park doesn’t allow boats or swimming so unlikely it would be allowed

Edit to add, I don’t want to see a minimum weight limit.


Also, is anyone trained up as a lifeguard that would be up for helping with this event?


I talked to a guy at the Santa Fe lake office.

They want a lot of details like how many people would be attending, if we would have insurance coverage, would extra porta-potties be needed, what time of day the event would be… Basically they want every detail possible about the event and then they would send us an event form and talk to their board about the event.

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If you want me to write something up. This is part of my new job that I need to practice.


We could ask the organizers of the rock river rapids about they’re experience

@Malissa - I would appreciate if you did write something up, we will need to get this information to the Santa Fe Lake council within the next day or two. I would like to sit down and review your proposed email with you when you are ready.

I also contacted Lake Afton about setting up the event there as well, and they already sent an event request form, but we will need to include a form showing that we are current and active as a 501(c)(3).

I still need to contact Campus about what it would take to host an event there, though there may be some extra hoops to jump through on that since the school year will have started.

Our insurance company also shot me a message this morning asking for information regarding to what we plan to do for safety as well as how deep each location would be (Lake Afton gets to 22ft, Santa Fe 12ft). In addition, both lakes would require us to have insurance covering the event. I don’t know what the total cost will be yet, but that might be where having the Art Council’s support would be handy.

I’ll try to contact Rock River Rapids this afternoon to see what all they had to go through to get their event going.


I will set up a document and share it with you. I will be at the space tomorrow evening for Textiles Time. I will most likely work on it tomorrow morning. I will pull from what you have in the forum.


With the time frame we are planning this should we do first come first serve on teams and limit the number of teams to 10-12?

Location: Committees/ Classroom Management [standing]/Events/Cardboard Regatta
I’ve added Meeting minutes with links to both Forum Discussions
Snap shots from the Web of each Swimming Area that would work for event
Started letter with @rustin.atkeisson Questions from Santa Fe Lake
Do we need to start a Timeline?

Other Questions we may need to consider:

Will we need to clarify/mark additional parking spots for guests? Will we need to repair damage done to the parking area? Will we need to clear that area of dead grass to prevent car fires from heat?(there’s a reason Texas has all paved shoulders, and many Kansas Highways without Shoulders have a lip edge)

Will we need to put additional buoys in water to mark race lanes or area? Something they have or something we need to rent?

As duct tape is not biodegradable should we use paper tape instead? I think that would be the most environmentally friendly option

ART Council dollars must be spent in Sedgwick County Santa Fe Lake is in Butler County. They would need our proposal by the First week of August before the executive committee meeting August 3rd at the latest the meeting is on the 5th of August.

Not all food trucks will charge to come out, but I think it’s too late to book. I was told at least 2-3 months in advance, I only got 3 responses to Makerfest in June and I submitted mid-April. Here’s the form, Hire A Truck | Wichita Food Trucks but we really need to have other things nailed down and we’re 5 weeks out.
Could we put this off until Spring and make a weekend of it? Book the entire lake for a weekend? Camping and Cardboard Regatta

Paper tape has water soluble adhesive, right? I expect all the boats would sink pretty fast…

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Neither lake had any issue with duct tape being in the water… It seems to be a common repair material for some boats.


Not all do and Kraft paper tape is pretty moisture resistant. Kraft Paper Tape | Flatback Tape

Once painted it should be pretty durable.

Given how many of the boats will be covered in exterior latex paints, with duct tape on seams only, I don’t know that it’s much of a relative concern. It would be wise for us to not leave anything in the water we could safely retrieve.

When it comes to grass and fires, I’ve always been taught just to not park on unmowed grass.


Could we also include paper in addition to cardboard. What about woodglue/Elmer’s?

It would open up some construction options.

I don’t think that would be an issue to allow paper, but a part of me is thinking that would open up a bag of ‘waterproof’ worms to allow elmers or woodglue.

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Ninnescah Sailing Association on Cheney might be interested in hosting. Im not a member (yet) but theres a relatively protected beach/cove nearby with a reasonable amount of parking and restrooms. They also have a nice clubhouse with lots of open space indoors and out on the deck.



The addition of paper and glue might put you in paper mache territory.