You're Invited to Burgers and Brooms!

Hey there, MakeICT members! The Onboarding/Community committee would like to invite you to Burgers and Brooms on August 12th from 3:00-6:00pm, a collaborative clean-up day for our space–as well as a cookout!

Check out the invitation below for more information. Hope to see you there! br


Can we get this on the makeict calendar?

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Hi, Erik! Hopefully one of the calendar folks will chime in. Is this something we add to the calendar since its only for members and not the general public?

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Email sent to the folks that can add to the calendar

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Just checked it’s up

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Hey guys and gals… we are looking for someone to volunteer to do the grilling for this event. Surely there is someone out there with awesome grilling skills (who would rather grill than clean)

You would just have to bring your awesome grill and your awesome self… we will provide the burgers…

(Be warned… if there are no volunteers, I might have to cook… and some days I do a good job…)

I’ve got a grill and know how to use it. :smile: Problem is I have no truck. Anyone with a truck and willing to drive to haysville to pick it up and bring it back for us? If so I’ll even cook!

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Come on people! All we need now is a guy with a truck… Save yourself from my horrible cooking skills by committing to just stuffing a grill in a truck… heck if I had a truck, I would volunteer… (I bet Erik cooks way better than me…)

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Will it fit in the back of an Xterra? I also live in Haysville. @deanday are you available? It’s on your way.

I have an ongoing meeting that runs from 12:00 to 5:00 pm. on Sundays. How early Sunday can the grill be moved to MakeICT so that my wife and I can make the 12:00 meeting, 6:00 pm. should not be a problem.
I will assume that the grill will load into a F250 pickup truck standard bed.


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Thanks Dean! Yes it will fit easily.

If you are available before 12 and after 5 that will be great! Just let me know what time you want to come by. I’ll send you a PM with my info.

Thanks again Dean!

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I don’t think it would fit in an xterra. Thanks for the offer melissa!

I’m down to help grill :slight_smile:


cool Marc.
Reminder for everyone… this is tomorrow!

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Please, dress appropriately and bring some water or a drinking glass. There were quite a few people in the space today and it was fairly warm.

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Was a vegetarian option thought about? Eggplant steaks make great vegi burgers, just pre-soak them in a mixture of water,liquid smoke, salt,and pepper.

There is a vegetarian option but not eggplant :slight_smile:

I know this happened a week ago, but I just wanted to say what a phenomenal job everyone did! Kudos!

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