You guys do much electroplating/anodyzing?

Whoops, spilt all the beans in the topic

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I haven’t. I messed around with trying to electrolysis etching copper but with limited results.

I’ve done rhodium, black rhodium, and gold plating. Best advice other jewelers gave me, follow the directions on the bottle, and if your rectifier is off/underpowered, experiment with the settings lol.

In all seriousness, I’ve wanted to try anodizing for a while now. Just haven’t had the chance to do so.

What are you wanting to plate/anodize?


I’ve anodized in the past. Not hard anodizing since the chems are much harder to deal with. Also zinc plated and chromate stuff when needed.

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I’ve done a little copper etching.

I do electrolysis, I had planned to do nickle plating, but could never find my anodes when I was ready to do it. Mymechanics makes it look easy, but then he is supposed to I guess.

I’d like to put a new finish on my safety razor, and hard anodize various aluminum implements

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I’ve done a fair share of electrolic rust removal but no plating though the thought has crossed my mind. Think it would be a great skill to pick up