Yes We Can Screenprint Jam!

Hey Makers - we are having a second saturday event this month celebrating women makers! It will be next Saturday April 14th from 12-4pm. We’ll have a presentation from society of women engineers, laser cutter ornaments, fundraising for Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center (WASAC), tours and general open-ness.

We need your help with tours and check-ins - to volunteer sign up at the same place as always:

If you’re on facebook please invite your friends to this event!

If you want to get a shirt printed, I’m taking votes for your favorite designs so we know how many screens to make up :slight_smile: Thank you Dominic for these awesome designs!

And finally we’d like to do MORE second saturday free open house type events so I’m open to local non-profits who we could partner with on future dates, suggest away!

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I haven’t scheduled it yet but we had talked about doing a Boomarang Bags make event every 3 months. I was going to schedule one in August so it can be that Second Saturday.
I’ll try to think of others.

Hey friends - I could use more help, here’s who’s helping when (so far)

Kim 11am-3pm orientation and laser cutter demo, orientation at 12pm
Josh R 11:45-1pm check in
Hannah 1pm-2pm SWE presentation
Mark 12pm-3pm screenprinting
Malissa 2pm-4pm screenprinting
Kez 11:30-4pm check in/screeprinting/laser cutting

I could really use another person for the later shift (2pm), bonus if you’re laser certified to crank out some WASAC ornaments if there’s tons of people.

Just a reminder that I am using the classroom from 2pm-3pm for my Plasma cnc class. Not sure if you planned on being in there or not.

Yup we know, it’s all yours.