Yard cleanup

Hey there makers,

I started on reclaiming the side walk from the weeds this evening.

Most of the sidewalk and curb along mt. Vernon are edged and weed eated… But I ran out of weed eater string so there’s still a small chunk of curb that needs to be done.

Also, I got maybe half of the other side walk edged, so that is gonna take some effort.

If someone wants to help but doesn’t know how to use the equipment, please let me know. I don’t have a problem showing people how to use the edger, weed eater, or lawn mower.

Lastly, if someone feels up for it in one of the next mornings, I would be very grateful if someone took care of mowing.


Check out the pegboard by the riding mower in the garage - I hung two rolls of weedeater string on it - with luck it can be used


I know, I was using that as an excuse to call it a night. :wink:

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I do understand

What size is the string? I got rid of one of mine and the new one of course uses a different size so I have most of a spool.

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I think the yellow stuff is .095, and we have plenty of string at MakeICT.

I just ran out of string on my weed eater and the energy to refill the spool.

…what I could really use is an extra set of hands helping to edge and weed eat this weekend.

Well… I guess mowing tomorrow morning is out with all this rain.

I’m still planning to be up there tomorrow, but my plan will be to focus on edging and weed eating instead.

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Thanks everyone for the help today! (Brian, Andrew, Joe and Steve)

Everything is weed eated, edge’s, and mowed!

Though, to keep the yard from getting this rough again, would anyone be opposed to putting up a dry erase board / mowing sign up thing outside of the maintenance/print room? Kinda like the one that use to be in room 3.


Let’s do it! Need someone to coordinate please!

There is now a sign up board hung up outside the maintenance room (for the time being). The board is setup for 3 people to help take care of the lawn each weekend, but that does not necessarily mean that person has to do that 1 task the whole time.

I’ve gone ahead and signed myself up to take care of mowing this weekend, but there are still 11 spots left for the next 4 weeks (hopefully we don’t have to mow before the 4th of July)


Big thank you to Mendoza and Steve for mowing and weed eating today!

I was not expecting the yard to be half way mowed when I got there at 8:30am!

You guys rock!