Y'all need a new toy

I need to go to Dallas soon, so if someone buys it for MakeICT, I could pick it up in Gainesville…

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Hmmm, this is actually kind of tempting…

Ooof, it’s gone from $70 at the time of Christian’s post to $2800 (+18% premium +8% sales tax) now… and about $1000 of that was since I started typing this.

Yeah, not so tempting anymore. :sweat_smile:

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It ended up at $3600. So $4248 with the Buyer’s premium, before sales tax. You can get the whole thing new for $5826, and that includes a convection cooling section that wasn’t in this lot.



Sounds like the typical auction then. I used to go to auctions just to watch people bid more than the thing sells for new.