Wow we need one?

Thought this was interesting


Wow the possibilities

Yeah, I can already see the designs cut into the floor… :rofl:


I’m thinking there might be a problem when 2 out of the 3 wheels fall into a pocket cut.

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Looks like a goomba!


Lol I had a dream once where we made this spider robot with electromagnet feet to climb the radio tower and make repairs. I was mad because Christian had taught it to use its soldering iron to do pyrography on a sheet of plywood and was making giant elvis portraits.

I couldn’t deal with it at the time because there was some weird stuff going on. But this reminded me of that lol.

What was the weird part? Sounds pretty much generic MakeICT…

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I did not realize he was an Elvis fan - fun facts!

My dream last night felt 100% real. My dogs could talk.

My dreams aren’t very complex. Lol

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Yeah… kinda pricey though. If I understand their price, it is $3,500 with a preorder discount.

Maybe one of our ERP geniuses could make our own version?

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