Working to connect press, cutter to power tonight 8:30 pm

Several of us are going to be working on finishing the conduit that brings 220v to the press and the cutter tonight. If you’re available, we could use a hand. Work will entail bending and mounting the last 20-40 feet of conduit, pulling wire from the attic above ERP’s door to above the press, and possibly moving a little of our equipment around. Feel free to just drop it. If someone knows where the conduit bender is, please let me know. I know I bought one for MakeICT when we were doing construction, so it should still be around somewhere.


I have a 1/2" bender. What size conduit are we expecting to use? Did we source that last 100 feet of wire we needed?

The conduit is in the pressroom, but I don’t remember how big it is. Same as the rest of the conduit we’ve used at the space over the past year.

I haven’t had anyone come up with extra wire yet. If necessary, I can pull it at a later date, so the big push is the conduit for tonight.