Woodturning Equipment Maintenance

This morning, Gary Calvert, an SKW member, came in with me and looked at the lathes and the Grinder for sharpening. The lathes need some minor routine maintenance. I bought a Quill Lock Screw for the Jet 12x42 lathe owned by MakeICT. We also replaced the white wheel on the grinder. The existing wheel was significantly chipped. It showed signs of both sides of the wheel (incorrect and dangerous practice) being used for sharpening. We then re-dressed and trued up both wheels.

I will be posting some basic sharpening instructions for sharpening wood turning gouges. We are also teaching basic sharpening as needed during various woodturning classes. Especially the Warm Shop Turning Sessions. There is one scheduled for January 20, 4-7pm. See class description. No Charge for this one. Bring your tools.

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If it helps I just put a stroping belt on the 1x30 in the ERP lab. My mora 122 is back to razor sharp!