Woodshop Update 8/21/23

Additional items for jet Lathe repair and Oscillating Spindle Sander repair have been ordered, but may take time to get in as items are not in-house stocked and may be on back-order as well.

The router table will be next up on my repair list, also pending delivery.

The table saw blade has been left up rather often recently. i kindly ask that you leave tools in their default condition when you are done to protect our members and our machinery.

The next Woodshop Workshopping will be Friday 8/25/23 at 6pm. We will be doing some heavy lifting, cleaning, and rearranging as we take down the soffit in the stationary tool room.

Hazardous Materials Authorization will be offered Saturday 8/26/23 at 6pm.


Sorry for the late notice, i cant make it tonight for the workshopping. I have to work late tonight. I will try to be at the hazardous material authorization though.


The air handler is down and out!