Woodshop Update 10/28/23

October has been an exceptionally busy month on my part and I have not offered classes as I would have liked or should be expected to do. Please accept this humble apology; friends, I’m sorry and I’ll do better.

Upcoming events:

Woodshop Workshoppings will be scheduled during Maker Mondays (please be prepared to stop working and show off for tours).

Woodshop Authorization
Nov. 4th 11:00am
Nov. 16th 3:00pm

Hazardous Materials Authorization
Nov. 4th 3:00pm

Nov. 19 TBA (calendar listing pending)

Lathe Authorization
Nov. 18th 1:00pm (calendar listing pending)

Woodworking 101: Milling
Nov. 18th 1:00pm

The focus for Woodshop improvements this month will be Shopbot dust collection and tool organization.

Happy making!


THIS! ^^

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Could we add moving the on/off switch to an easier location to the ShopBot improvements?

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Added to tasks list on the Shopbot Wiki Page.

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