Wood Wheels for Christmas toys?

Hello Woodworkers. At my work we have been making some parts with wood and as a biproduct we have several hundred of these nice little wood wheels. It reminded me of several years ago when the wood shop turned out a whole bunch of wood toys for Christmas. Just wondered if any one would like to venture into making toys with wheels for Christmas or for that mater any other thing for any occasion. They would probably need to turned or something to remove the sharp edge. There are two sizes. I can get exact dimensions


Cool. Plus … recycling.
I will help if I am available during the time we choose to make them. (I am out many weeks in November and December.)

I’m interested in some of your wheels! Do you
Still have them?

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Oh yes I do. Even more now.

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What have you got in mind for the wooden disks ?

Halstead, KS

Got a “help me build” request for a Latvian game table Novus. Requires pucks :slight_smile:


I can give you some more specs on the parts.
The wood is 3/4 in. Thick Alder
The hole in the middle is 0.150 in. Diameter.
The larger wheels are 2.2 in. Diameter and weigh 0.9 oz.
The smaller wheels are 1.85 in. Diameter and weigh 0.58 oz.

Sounds like you may not need too many to fill your request I can drop off a box of them at Makeict next week if you like.

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