Wood turning: Soaking wood in dish soap solution?

I’m as green as a new fallen tree when it comes to wood turning and have been trying to learn from classes taught by @stnick, practicing alone and searching the web. I came across soaking green wood in dish detergent (Soap in Your Bowl), for example.

Has any one here tried it? What were the results? It seems like some people swear by it and others say it doesn’t work – typical information on the web.

never heard if it. i belong to a few woodturning groups on the book of Face and can ask there. Ill let you know what i find out.

any sort of wet wood, i avoid, as ive had some nice pieces turn weird later. Most wet wood i get I wrap up and set aside for later.

its rare i work a solid blank, im the segmented guy.

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People that have had success, tell me it has to be Costco Brand LDD.
The other method you will find, to soak in Denatured Alcohol. Again you will hear mixed results. If you can find an old refrigerator or deep freeze that has died. Have the refrigerant removed and you can convert that to a shop crafted wood drying kiln. Light bulb, small fan, great use for an old computer cooling fan. Plans all over for them also.

The other way is to remember that wood drys at a rate of roughly one inch per year. A log 8 inches in diameter cut in half is now 3.5 - 4 inches thick. The time to dry has just been cut in half. Rough turn a bowl. Store for a few months in a brown bag, it will dry.

The issue is to control the drying and make it even, so the blank doesn’t crack. Warping is OK. That is why you rough turn, perhaps an inch thick walls. You have material to turn away and remove the warp.

I second @xrunner If someone has experience with the LDD or Denatured Alcohol, share your experience with us.

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Another greenhorn here. I would think that would warp somehow. I actually am trying to fix a cutting board that went through the dishwasher…

James wet the concave side and dry the convex side it should pull the warp out. It might take a few days