Wood Lathe Area

I scheduled an Intro to Wood Turning Class for last night. I brought in some of the modern tools that have been donated. The lower shelf in the closet behind the lathes is wiped off and the old boxes of tools are pulled out, wiped down from much dust and accumulation of junk. They are back on that lower shelf. Each box for the two lathes that are out and available 24/7, have High Speed Steel tools that are sharpened. There is one Spindle Roughing Gouge; one Spindle Gouge 3/8; one parting tool. One box has a modern Bowl Gouge 3/8.

I also wiped down the two Blue Face Shields in the shop. One is placed on each available lathe.

I have additional tools at my shop to go through that were recently donated. I took the old box of tools home to work through. That collection is older, with old style tools and some labeled HSS. I will check them with the spark test to verify and reshape or resharpen as needed.

Some type of improved storage is in the works. A rack for each lathe is a good start. Some specialty tools will be available for use.

Future Woodturning classes will be appearing on the calendar.


Thanks for all you do John.

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